Adding Magical Mango Coconut Burfi Delightful Dairy - Free Kheer Masala Milk Recipe in Your Wedding 

Adding Magical Mango Coconut Burfi Delightful Dairy - Free Kheer Masala Milk Recipe in Your Wedding

Wedding food is very important in any wedding. You go anywhere in the world, a wedding never gets end without a delightful wedding food. Yes, the reason for wedding food in all wedding goes down to the old age which states that a wedding food is offered for the people attending your wedding to leave happy after your wedding is over. In tradition it is believed that a person when there stomach is filled, he leaves happily with joy and wish. 

Wedding planning is very important for any wedding recipe 

Deciding the wedding menu is a confusing task for any people. But if you opt to go ahead with a wedding planner then they will solve this problem for you. They give you vast option on wedding deserts, wedding dinner and wedding food ideas from which you can select the best wedding menu. By going ahead with wedding planner for wedding food you can bring in delight to the people attending the wedding by giving them the best food which they would not have tasted anywhere. For example adding magical mango coconut burfi; delightful dairy – free kheer masala milk recipe in your wedding are few ways to strengthen your wedding menu. 

The wedding planner can make your life easy by arranging for all the necessary things from wedding food items like vegetables, utensils to cook the food, manpower to arrange and plan for all the necessary things in the wedding hall. 

Wedding food ideas for a delightful wedding 

India is a country with many religions and vast area. The wedding food depends on the religion of the family and sometime even the area. Hence if you want to have a fun full treat of food you need to visit the wedding of India. The following are some of the best wedding dishes which are offered in Indian wedding. 

  • Starter drink – the wedding drink is one of the first item in any Indian wedding. You get both traditional wedding as well as classic wedding drinks in Indian wedding. The traditional wedding drink is coconut water, lemon water and the classic wedding drink is cool drinks and fruit drinks. 

  • Wedding starter – the wedding menu after wedding drink starts with starter items which are called as the naan and the rotti. The rotti are served with gravy items which make them more tasty and spicy. 

  • Main menu – The main menu in wedding food is the rice and other items of rice such as curd rice, lemon rice and ghee rice. 

  • Desserts – the desserts in Indian wedding are more focused towards showing the religious foods. You get items like mango coconut burfi, kheer masala and other sweet items. 

You need to attend Indian wedding at least once in life time 

If you’re a food crazy people, then you need to attend the Indian wedding dinner at least once in your life time. The Indian wedding menu is the longest and sweetest wedding which offers wide range of dishes. You can just sit and relax the food in the wedding. 


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