Aftercare Instructions for Your Eyelashes 

Aftercare Instructions for Your Eyelashes

It is very important to take great care of the eyelash extensions after they are set. Eyelash extensions are being extensively used to give a fuller look to the natural eyelashes. Once you get your eyelash extensions done by a good eyelash technician, it is recommended to follow the aftercare instructions with utmost care. The approximate cycle for eyelash extensions is four to twelve weeks. However, some of the eyelashes might fall out before this period. It is because by the time they reach the end of their cycle, they began to wear. The majorities of the eye lashes stay fixed and do not fall out before completing their full cycle. By following the post care instructions mentioned here, you can make sure your eyelash extensions are well maintained.

Care Instructions for the First Two Hours

Make sure no water comes in direct or indirect contact with the eyelash extensions in the first two hours. This may prevent them from setting permanently with your natural eyelashes, which in turn may result in their falling out.

Care Instructions for the First Two Days

Avoid any kind of water from coming in contact with your eyes. Do not wash your eyes or eyelashes. Avoid entering the swimming pool. Do not steam your face or go for any Jacuzzi, team bath or sauna.

Care Instructions to be followed thereafter

Do not put any kind of cover on your eyes or eyelashes as it may make them curl up or even overlap onto each other. Covering the eyes can even break your eyelash extensions.

Do not carry out any tinting on your eyelashes and avoid perming them while the eyelash extensions are on. However, all these can be done before.

Do not use mascara which is not soluble in water. Avoid applying the mascara on the eyelashes where the adhesive is put as this may make the eyelashes bonds weak.

Make use of only oil free makeup remover to avoid any damage to the eyelash extensions. While applying the makeup remover make sure to rub only in downward motion. If you rub from side to side the bond of the eyelashes may weaken or break.

Do not rub the eyes as it may weaken the eye lash bonds.

Care Instructions for Overall Maintenance of the Eyelash Extensions

The first maintenance session must be kept two to three weeks after the application of eyelash extensions. This way the replacement of the eye lashes which have fallen out can also be conducted.

Apart from this the maintenance sessions must be carried out at an interval of three weeks on a regular basis so that the fuller look and strength of the eyelashes is maintained. Also in three weeks the premature eyelashes develop into healthy lashes so that the new extensions can be attached to them. This cycle will be repeated on a monthly basis in order to ensure a continuous supply of healthy lashes is always there.
A wide variety of aftercare products and services are available in the salon as well as online. By making the use of these products and services, the eyelash extensions can be well maintained. The most important products which can be used for better maintenance include:

Sealer- by creating a seal around the natural eye lashes and the extension, it increases the longevity of the extensions.

Water Based Mascara- makes the weightless eyelashes look more beautiful.


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