Agla Number Tera - Does it Sound Great or Annoying - If You are Next in line to Get Married 

Agla Number Tera - Does it Sound Great or Annoying - If You are Next in line to Get Married

The dilemma of you gets broken immediately on listening the words about you to get marry earlier. Specially when The cousin of your, little elder, gets married, and you officially become the next person in your family who is supposed to tie the knot and relish the life.  Actually the stage of life to get marry is little anxious too , leading to the generation of feelings of sadness on delay specially. What can be done, if the desired compatible match is not found or is not getting married earlier or at right time, due to financial troubles. The main agenda of everyone becomes spotting you for the marriage. The words or specific phrases of the people are felt like taunting to you. Here is an epitome of this kind representing the situation, rather little ridiculous too, for super worring about your wedding.

  1. So when are you getting married:-  the general question pertains when your cousin gets hitched and the family members start poking you! Your mum, dad, neighbours, siblings, chachi and cousin  and all related nears and dears start asking and talking for your knot.

  2. You suddenly start feeling a bit older than you actually are…
    “26 saal me toh mere do bache ho gaye the!”, commented by many people. Like a jobless, unemployed man, people start taunting for the unemployement.similarly, it rather seems credulous that people start thinking and behaving in a very upsetting manner. 

  3. “Sharma ji ka beta engineer hai, package bhi acchha hai”
    Getting acchhe rishte for you and remaining anxious about the same become most favourite pastime activity of entire family members. It seems they have this only single duty and they have too much priority and concern over this issue. Moreover, they outshines every other discussion pertaining your marriage at any function you attend!

  4. If you have a boyfriend that you haven’t told your family about…
    You start planning  whether this is the time to drop the bomb!! As the traditional value families hardly are in the position to accept this key reality of love affair that too for couple of years. Converting the same into the harsh reality becomes the grave matter of concern. However at this time you feel to disclose your hidden feelings to the family members to tie the knot with one you love the most.

  5. While the poor guy starts freaking out…
    The financial condition of the boy seems freaking..“But, babe, I am not ready. It’s too early!” and how can we get marry without financial or monetary aspects. Infact no one can, in this contemporary world, where the essential growth and life style relies entirely on the money you have In your pocket.

  6. Your parents start talking about everything in the future tense
    Are the trips pending due to you only to get marry only? You actually feel it like as the dialogue depicts-We will go on a trip, after you get married. Or worse, you can go on that trip after you get married! Argh!!

  7. You avoid telling your parents about another friend who’s getting married
    ‘Coz that’ll just fuel them to look for an eligible guy for you faster!!

  8. God forbid some cousin younger than you gets engaged…
    Your parents freak out! It’s a competition now, they’ve gotta get you married before anyone else… Even if that cousin is only a few months younger.

  9. Every time you open Facebook and find someone else getting married…
    You know the wedding epidemic is for real and is gonna catch up with you soooonn!


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