Airbrush Makeup - Latest Bridal Makeup Trend 

Airbrush Makeup - Latest Bridal Makeup Trend

There would not be any bride who would not be willing to appear gorgeous on the big D-Day. The perfect bridal make is the only key factor that can make you win the day and seek appreciation with love and joy. Perfect makeup here means the perfectness in the makeup. The underdone makeup can spoil your look, whereas, the overdone makeup can be extremely odd to appear. A serious plan of the makeup can make your wedding the most memorable one. Large number of techniques is available to make that oomph’s look. Let’s ponder upon the Trend Airbrush Makeup technique in detail:-


The Airbrush Makeup technique includes overall expenses of around 10- 15 thousands. Sari drape and hair styling are usually included in the Makeup Package. The airbrush makeup technique is becoming extremely popular and is in vogue now days. The best wedding photographs are ensured with the help of airbrush makeup technique. Almost all of the bollywood celebrities prefer airbrush makeup technique. The money spending is worth spending and with no regrets even with the larger cost of the makeup provided. Here are some tips to help you get that glowing bridal look. 


1. Avoid using Makeup products that contain SPF 78


The products with SPF ingredients can cause the wedding photographs to come weird on your big day.. So your best bet is to through away the products with SPF on your wedding day.


2. Go Light on the Shimmer…!


The role of a shimmer cannot be overlooked when it comes about the wedding day. The real balance of the makeup includes the shimmer where it is neither underutilized, nor over utilized. Shimmer actually has light reflecting particles that the camera chooses as white streaks or shine. You are otherwise suggested to do thorough make up by the Airbrush makeup technique. The white streaks or shiny white streaks if visible can be onned down in case of their more visibility.


3. Wax three days before the Big Day


As the procedure for the waxing is little painful with an impact on the parts as swollen one. The Redness can be tough to cover, and some people stay slightly swollen for 2 days post-wax.


4. Skip lip gloss if you’re wearing a veil that comes down on your face (for Christian brides)


The lips tend to stick with the fabric of the veil or other fabric. So you are asserted to remain gloss free or dark heavy typed lipsticks, As It’s a magnet for the fabric & will make the veil stick to your lips the second you put it on. The overall situation would be extremely messy to overcome.


5. Don’t stray too far from your routine look


The routine look of the bride is essential to maintain as experimentation with the dark colors or the eye liners may exhibit odd. Do not experiment with strange stuff before wedding.


6. Bring oil blotting sheets with you


The oil blotting sheets are like must for the indian bridal makeup kits. the wedding day is a lengthy affair of traditions and rituals together, which lend the face to shine or over sweating, or in many cases the powder start cake up after multiple applications.


7. Use a Foundation & Eye Primer


The best primer keeps the bridal makeup of the bride intact till the whole day of wedding. it’s a deep concern As the makeup may fade away and the things may deteriorate or become messy or go in a vain. So prefer using foundation and eye primer.


8. Use Waterproof Mascara


It sounds little funny too, as the wedding is a day of emotions of mixed kind. If a bride weeps a lot, then the mascara may be spoiled. Make sure to use water proof mascara on your special occasion of wedding.


9. Fix your Foundation with Loose Powder


Not only does the powder give the foundation a soft finish, but it takes shine out of the skin. Cameras shoots shine, but beginning with powder & touching up with oil blotting sheet will keep you shine-free.


10. To Make your Lipstick last all Day


Initially apply a lip primer to give your lips an even surface & rid of any flaky bits. Apply foundation to the lips & let it dry – this gives a superb base. Then draw (line) your lips with your lip pencil (which must be the same shade as your lipstick). Then fill in all your lips with the same pencil. Finally on top of the layer apply your lipstick. Blot with a tissue paper & re-apply your lipstick & repeat the same twice. Now your lipstick should stay on all day. If it does start to wear off you will need the lip pencil underneath so your lips won’t look patchy.


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