All in a Days Paan: and Famous Paanwaalas 

All in a Days Paan: and Famous Paanwaalas

A paan is like a tradition that competes the Indian meal for sure. If you remember the song- khaike paan Banaras wale, khul jaye bandh akal ka taala”; it surely reveals the importance of paan in Indian society. Virtually every wedding catering would never forget to inculcate the paan in their catering menu. Actually the betel leaves coupled with the right concoction can create a magical taste where you must have engulfed the hundreds of the varieties of the cuisines in a extra special weddings.  

Varieties of the paan- 

Although the idea of paan seems simple, the inculcation of the different ingredients in the beetle leaves, the taste may vary significantly from the simple meetha paan to the chocolate paan- the recent new addition one. The sadda paan is popularly which children love to eat , without tobacco is the ideal blend of sweet- gulkand and some other tasty ingredients for the real taste arousing. Actually, the quintessential paans has been around for the generations, where the traditional paan including has been collaborated with the modern varieties of it. The rasmalai paan, paan with gold, and the paan to suit every taste are available now- a- days. 

Although the paans are seen in almost every state now, but still, Mumbai is considered as the hub of the same. Where, almost every street corner is home to a popular paanwala whom the local vouch for. These paan are remembered not only in their area, but the entire city for their detectable varieties. 

Mucchad Paanwala is best defined, high tech paan shop in the city where the Mucchad offers a scrumptious variety of over 50 paans ranging from Banarasi, Maghai, Kalkatta and Muchhad Specials. Their homemade gulkand is yummy and the Meetha paan infused with coconut is worth a try. They also take special orders for weddings and parties and have outlets in Andheri, Juhu etc. Mucchad is nothing short of a legacy when it comes to the best paans in Mumbai.

This muchhad paanwala has website of his own.

Much more can be seen as tasty inclusion of the things, like- there is something for everyone there. Some extra special varieties include- ‘Chocolate paan’ dunked in khus syrup and dry fruits, ‘Chappan Bhog’ made with 56 different ingredients, ‘samosa Meetha’ that is shaped like a samosa and available in different flavors along with a bunch of other innovative paans. If that was not sufficient, the paan comes in an attractive package that carries Tiwari’s contact details and tagline which is ‘The Real Taste of Life’.


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