Announcing Your Engagement In Different Ways 

Announcing Your Engagement In Different Ways

Just as important it is for you to plan the most perfect proposal, it is equally important that once the love of your life has agreed to marry you, you make the announcement about your engagement to your friends and family members in a special way as well. Once your partner agrees to marry you, it is common to feel so happy and elated that you wish to stand on a rooftop and scream to the whole world that you are about to get married. But unfortunately, this is not a very good way of announcing your wedding. You need to come up with some better ways of spreading the news of your marriage to everyone. 

Below are a few ways through which you can announce your engagement to the whole world:

Personally Inform Everyone

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions of life and you do not want to tell your parents or best friends about this news over the phone or through an email. You want to watch the joy and excitement which this news brings to their faces and the only way you can see that is when you announce your engagement to them in person. Breaking the news to them face to face is the oldest and yet the best way of letting your really close friends and family members know that you are about to start a new journey in your life and seek immediate blessings and good wishes from them. 

Call Them Over The Phone

In case your parents do not live in the same city as you do, then meeting them personally and informing them about the engagement face to face may not be a very practical option. In such a scenario, the next best option available to you is to immediately call them over the phone and inform them about the engagement. You might miss out on the look on their faces, but surely you would be able to hear the happiness in their voices. This is the next best thing to informing them personally about the big news. 


If you wish to make the announcement special and a surprise for your parents and friends, you can find a really romantic and nice postcard and write the news of your engagement in some poetic manner and send the same through snail mail. The news would take its time to reach its destination, but once it reaches, it is sure to cause some real excitement and joy in the family. 

Social Media

Once you have announced your engagement to your close friends and family, it is now time to let the rest of the world also know that you and your partner are no longer available on the bachelors list. And the best way to announce your engagement to the whole world these days is by posting about your engagement, along with some photographs, on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Anyone and everyone who is a part of your social networking circle will come to know immediately about your engagement and you would be flooded with congratulatory messages.


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