Are Holi Colours safe during Pregnancy or for the small Baby 

Are Holi Colours safe during Pregnancy or for the small Baby

Well, if you are pregnant and the festival of holy is approaching, you need to be utmost cautious about it. The natural herbal colours made out of organic ingredients are  safe during the entire pregnancy to play with, but the chemical colours  made out of industrial dyes , chemicals and those containing industrial dyes can be severely deteriorating for you and your baby or unborn baby in the womb. 

The main cause of being extra cautious during pregnancy is weak immunity coupled with more skin sensitivity. During pregnancy, the entire system of the body gets affected severely and as the baby lies in your womb, so taking the precautions lightly can prove to be fatal for you and the baby.

Younger babies less than six month of the age are strongly suggested to stay away from the colours. Its best not to put any colours on babies, younger than six months because of their delicate skin. A red sandalwood tikka would be enough to ritualize and symbolically celebrate the festival.

Whereas, babies between six months and a year get lured towards the Holi celebration more. And may get overwhelmed by the loud noise and rowdy play. A very common phenomenon observed during Holi is that babies get scared by watching the ugly cum colorful faces of them. They get severly scared watching people throwing water on youand hearing your shouts. They perceive the Holi celebration as the way that people are tring to harm , rather than having fun of applying the colours on them.

You are strongly suggested to use home-made colours for the Holi which can be made conveniently at home using the mix of various fruit and flower powders in the following way :-

  • Red dry colour :- ( ingredients and method of preparation)
Take sandalwood powder , whole wheat flour (atta) or refined flour (maida). Mix them well. Your pure, natural, fragrant and homemade Red colour is ready which is safe during pregnancy and can be utilized to play with the babies.  Or  

Mix sindhoor powder with whole wheat flour (atta) or refined flour( maida). If you choose to use sindhoor, make sure it is natural one, as most of them which are available or are bought in the market are made using harmful substances like lead or lead oxide.

  • Yellow dry colour:- mix turmeric ( haldi) and gram flour (besan) to get a bright yellow powder.

  • Green dry colour:-  finally crushed the powders of dried fenugreek (methi) or mint (pudina), or take henna (mehandi) powder mixed with flour (maida).

Generally these natural colours are considered safe, do look out for any reactions or the rashes. As many people are hypersensitive or allergic to natural substances like floral aroma, colours and even the vegetables.


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