Are Indian Weddings A Hypocritical Attempt to Show Off Wealth 

Are Indian Weddings A Hypocritical Attempt to Show Off Wealth

Marriage is a sacred event that binds husband and wife in a bond of relationship that involves love, care, commitment, happiness and sacrifice for each other. Marriage is not meant for showcasing and wasting money but it happens for a noble cause of humanity. In the society marriage is one of the salient discussions today. When marriages could be simple low-budget and economical, why we are spending too much and show off? People borrow and loan a large amount just for an occasion that is meant for culmination of two hearts that binds them into an unbreakable bond of honesty, commitment and mutual trust. Marriage is not about love affairs instead an ordeal that demands sacrifice at every step to walk together with. It is a relationship to beautify or furnish care, love, happiness, commitment, and devotion and lead a harmonious and peaceful life. Marriage is energized with time and protected by commitment.
Marriage and budget:

Although it’s a culture to have a showcasing on marriages but one should admit “showing off is equal to ‘did you notice me’ ”. And marriage is not about showing off but it is bond of love between two hearts that lasts till death.

Wedding Planning is the first and the most important tool of management. Planning can lead to a compromised pricing and level-headed decisions.

Prioritize the events to carry the events on week days rather than organizing them on weekends which demand high price. This would also be helpful in reducing the booking cost that would look for customers in negotiable pricing.

Jewellery: As this can conclude to be the most expensive of all items,contact a local jeweller rather than a designer store to save the making and designing cost of jewelry.

Reception: Consider an alternative site for wedding instead of popular hotels and banquets. It would be better to choose an open and decorative place that can save the cost and enhance the theme and beauty.

Outfit and clothing: Scout traditional clothing instead of in-demand dresses. Prefer to visit local and negotiable shops instead of showrooms.

Decorations: Try out the ideas that call for a little imagination, and little money.

Wedding Photography: Scout for a beginner and talented photographer instead of calling renowned and professional photographer.

Music and entertainment: Music is one spice to event that multiplies enjoyment. So try to look out a good collection of music instead of hiring a professional orchestra. Alternatively ask for beginner band (may include school students) if you want a live concert.

Invitations: For a successful event it is compulsory for important guest to be present but that does not mean to send extraordinary invitations that demand high price. It is very easy and economical to have E-Invitations circulated through internet.  Send invitation to the most important guests instead of having a massive crowd. 

Summarize number of events and organize only those events that demand necessity of the wedding. These are a few things which can keep you saved from being bankrupt while arranging the most beautiful occasion within the family.


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