Arranged Marriages first Night Much More About Intimacy than Physical Relationship 

Arranged Marriages first Night Much More About Intimacy than Physical Relationship

The ratio of engaged marriage still outweighs the love marriage despite the modernization. Infect, still in UK, people find their partner by engaged marriage.  Now the question arises about the intimacy. Asian culture produces anxiety in many people who have never been intimated earlier.  Even the couples were not allowed to be intimate with each other before wedding in India, Bangladesh or Pakistan. 

After the wedding of the arranged wedding couple, it’s natural to have anxiety and to feel weird or scary, even very strange, especially if they are virgin. So from being single to being married to share the bed with someone who you never met earlier more can be extremely scary or weird for some couples.

To skip or to try having the sex with your partner during the first night? What do you think about this?

Various factors, which pertains the sex during the first night are given here-

1. Both of them feel exhausted after a continual and tedious affair of rituals. They are new to both. Want to know much more about them.

2. Bride’s emotions of leaving the parents and feeling down are quite natural, which can lead to the disinterest for the sex in the mind of bride.

3. Otherwise, in this modern epoch, having knowledge about every sphere of the life means having sex education too. Having the awareness about buying the condom or other contraceptive.

4. In rare cases, the bride may feel that the sex would be extremely painful and she does not know how to use contraceptive devices. 

5. Many times, the groom is highly experienced sexually and the bride is extremely inexperienced or vice-versa, generating the questions on the partner’s sexual history

Many times, the first sexual encounter is delayed due to the presence of relatives and the friends at home. The couple thinks of relishing during the honeymoon.

When it comes to first time sex, here are some special tips that can help you-

1. Sex starts with the foreplay of hugging, kissing and touching. So don’t forget this play.

2. Rather than being reluctant or scared about the sex, be curious and excited rather.

3. Porn videos as you see are the fictional documentaries. Don’t try to do or feel like doing the same.

4. If you are new, then try learning from each other and be open minded to talk about the sex with each other.

5. Sex is not one sided game, rather its two sided pleasure. So if one of the partners is not expecting, get him or her in the mood.

6. First night of sex may not always be the best experience – especially if you do not know what you’re doing

7. Relationship highly relies upon the sex. So try making sex a beautiful and pleasured experience, rather making it a barrier in the relationship.

8. Better to talk with your partner about your inner desires and differences with your other half. 

In crux, the first night of the arranged wedding must be all about intimacy in marital union. 


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