Art of Making Your Wedding Sustainable and Eco-Friendly 

Art of Making Your Wedding Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

The term sustainability has been in the picture for many years till now. The twenty first century saw sustainability being adopted by lot of NGOs and later the corporates starting doing things on sustainability. The term sustainability is nothing but conserving the present for the future by saving stuffs. Today the term sustainability has reached the way people arrange and plan for weddings. The term sustainable wedding or eco-friendly wedding is being fast being adopted by people across the world. Due to greater awareness of environment and climate change measures across the world impacting human, the mankind has really understood the need for sustainability. 

Eco-friendly wedding is it a myth or reality 

When first the corporates started doing sustainability in factories, office workplaces and their supply chain it took good amount of time for them to bring it to scalable output. But once the scalable activities have started the results were astonishing. So is the case in eco-friendly wedding or eco weddings. Though this type of wedding is slowly catching, but when it reaches a tip point that all of us convert to conserve things in wedding, then the output will be really significant. 

What is really eco-friendly wedding?
Though the term might be taken from the business way of doing activities, the eco-friendly wedding is nothing but adding green favour to wedding. That is when you do your wedding arrangements in terms of booking halls and other activities you take into the consideration of saving and waste in mind. That is you make sure that to the maximum extent you save on resources and energy. 

Great tips to make your wedding eco friendly 

We all would have heard corporates claiming that they are energy positive, water positive and waste positive. The eco-friendly wedding is similar to that, it is the way of seeing on how best you can reduce energy, water, food, resources and waste in wedding. The best way of giving greater focus on wedding hall can help you out in minimizing resources in your wedding and help claiming people that your wedding is eco-friendly. 

Wedding hall is very important to notice

Plan the wedding hall with care, the most in-effacement part of any wedding. This is because of the fact that a wedding hall consumes resources like light, water and materials. Making sure that power reduced in a wedding can save a lot. A recent survey of experiment showed that the amount of power used in wedding events such as post and pre wedding is equal to the amount of power used for one week in a village. 

Eco-friendly wedding is the new trend of wedding which needs to create sustainability among the minds of younger generation. With most of the people being cultivated in today


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