Artificial Wedding Flowers 

Artificial Wedding Flowers

Traditionally, use of fresh flowers in a wedding has always been considered to be auspicious. Even today, whenever, the need for flowers arises in any ritual, only fresh flowers are used. However, as far as wedding decorations are concerned, the trend of using artificial flowers is fast replacing the use of real flowers.  More and more florists, wedding decorators and even the brides and grooms are choosing to get the wedding venue decorated with artificial or silk flowers instead of real flowers. 

Some of the advantages of using artificial flowers, which have made its use so popular, are discussed below:
Early Delivery

When using fresh flowers, you cannot arrange for the delivery of the flowers to be made even one day before the actual wedding day, or else the flowers will wilt and become totally useless. This means that on the final wedding day, when you are already overworked, even a slight delay of one hour in the delivery of the flowers can increase your blood pressure to a very high extent. This problem gets eradicated when you use artificial flowers. The delivery of these flowers can be taken days before the wedding and the preliminary work can be done on them, so that all that is left to be done on the final day is hand them at the wedding venue. 

Save The Guests From Allergies

There are many people who are allergic to certain smells or pollens from certain flowers. You would be inviting hundreds of guests to your wedding and it is not possible to know which guest would be allergic to which flower and hence a wrong choice in this regard can actually end up causing a medical emergency at your wedding. All this can be simply avoided by using artificial flowers, from which no one is known to have any sort of allergy, wasps or hay fever. 

Save Money Using Artificial Flowers

In general the price of the artificial flowers tends to be less than the cost of the real wedding flowers. However, there are many new types of silk and polymer materials which are being used for making these artificial flowers. These new materials give the artificial flowers a completely realistic look, but they come at a high price. Therefore, soon this advantage of money saving may disappear, but as of now, artificial flowers do fall cheaper than using real flowers at weddings. 

Creative Advantage

The real flowers are extremely delicate and fragile in nature and, twisting and turning them too much to give nice decorative and creative shapes become difficult. However, when using artificial flowers for making bouquets, etc., they can easily be molded into any shape which the florist wants; this makes it possible to create some new and innovative decorative flower pieces for the wedding. 


This is the most obvious advantage of using artificial flowers over real flowers. The real flowers cannot last for more than one day, but the artificial flowers can last for a really years. Therefore, a bridal bouquet, which can have deep emotional value for the bride, can be stored by her for her lifetime, only if the same is made from artificial flowers. 


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