Astonishing Royal weddings in Rajasthan 

Astonishing Royal weddings in Rajasthan

Most of the Indian weddings are made grand and celebrated as a festival all over the world. People make it a gracious event and provide utmost hospitality to the invitees. Wedding Celebration is made exotic with prior planning by the family members. 
Rajasthani wedding takes place as the most royal ceremonies in Indian weddings. It is more or less similar to the marriages of prince and princess in ancient times.

Wedding attire

The dress is especially designed for the bride and groom with extraordinary designs. The bride adorns herself with antique jewels portraying the beauty of ancient royal Indian culture. Also handmade jewellery are given importance and worn in abundance.

Destination weddings

In recent times, classic weddings are arranged at distant places far away from homes. Most often it is destined at palaces or royal wedding halls. People gather before a week with all necessary items required for the marriage packed well.

Preferred places 

Indian weddings which takes place in the romantic city of Rajasthan is made royal with the three most preferred places. First is Udaipur which is surrounded by lakes giving a pleasant ambience. Next is Jodhpur which is known for the traditions followed just like the princely marriages. Also Jaipur is known for its natural beauty and appealing atmosphere.


The hall is decorated with flowers everywhere to give an aesthetic look according to the preferred wedding style. People mostly prefer natural flowers which spreads its fragrance and sweet scent. Celebrations are made grand with the wedding flowers that wards away the evil spirit and welcomes the good will to bless the couple’s who are going to start a new life.

Wedding style

The groom is dressed in sherwani which is their tradition along with a turban. The groom and his family members arrive at the hall with great pride and fame. The classic wedding is initiated with the groom’s entry in the horse. 


The bride’s family members follow the tradition of welcoming the groom’s family with aarti and sweets. They get ready with all the decorations and arrangements for the classic wedding before the arrival of groom with prior planning.

Music and dance

The couples are welcomed into the palace or resort where the marriage is accustomed to take place with music band played with drums and other musical instruments. The wedding style is said to be royal and fascinating filled with charm. 


Though the Indian weddings are modernized in its appearance, people do not forget their tradition followed hand in hand. The exchange of garlands and applying tilak takes place at the entrance. 


Rajasthani cuisines are tasty and mouth watery. The planning for wedding menu is given to event managers or best cook in the city. The marriage is made grand with ancient dishes cooked and served on traditional basis. 

Recent times

In recent days wedding style is decided by catalogues available at the event managers. Also online websites help in arranging classic wedding. The couples can also make the best selection with the reviews written in the sites.


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