Astrology in Tamil for Marriage Making 

Astrology in Tamil for Marriage Making

Match making through astrology in India is considered as a traditional tool for assessing how the marriage between the boy and the girl would turn out to be for them and their families. Astrology in India has been popular since ancient times dating several thousand years ago. Horoscopes of the boy and the girl are prepared and then by studying the location of their heavenly stars at the time of their birth is studied by a learned and experienced astrologer. After studying these, horoscopes of the boy and girl are matched in order to determine whether the marriage between the two would turn out to be a happy and fruitful one. These predictions are made to evaluate if it is suitable for them to tie the nuptial knot or not. 

Importance of Match Making in the Life of the Married Couple

In South India horoscope matching is considered to play a significant role before the marriage between the girl and the boy is finalized. Therefore, the families take assistance of astrologers to match the horoscopes and consider the important factors like the position of the planet moon in both the Kundlis.

Vedic astrology states that the positions of the stars in their horoscopes create a great influence in the destiny of the partners after marriage. Therefore, the main aim behind matching kundlis before marriage in India is to make sure both the partners are able to lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead.

Importance of Match Making Astrology in Tamil

Match making for marriage by studying the horoscopes in Tamil is known as poruthangal,  Jodi porutham and porutham, where Porutham method is the most popular one and it is used to match the


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