Attendants Duties at Your Wedding 

Attendants Duties at Your Wedding

Once your wedding is finalized and you begin your planning for the day of wedding reception, it is very important to list down who is going to be responsible for what on the day of wedding. You have to be extra careful while choosing your wedding party attendant, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the Maid of Honor, the best man, etc. make sure whoever you choose to play the aforementioned roles are available on the day of wedding party and also have sufficient time to invest. Also keep in mind the people you select must be capable of showing their responsibility towards the duties assigned to them. 

Duties of the Guest Book Attendant

The guest book attendant must ensure reaching the wedding party venue well before the arrival of the guests. He is responsible for greeting and welcoming the guests for the wedding reception. He can request the guests to sign the guestbook if it is required. He is responsible for escorting the guests or assisting them to their allotted seats. He must also ensure safe transportation of the wedding gifts brought in by the guests and keep them at a secure place. Apart from this, the guest book attendant can also lend a hand to the bridesmaids or Maid of Honor in collecting keepsakes or mementos of the wedding party.

Duties of the Personal Attendant

Now days it has become common for brides to have their own personal attendant at the wedding reception party. The bride chooses her personal attendant from among her very close friends or family members. The personal assistant of the bride is supposed to assist and help the bride throughout the day of wedding. The bride must prepare a note listing down the key responsibilities and duties which she expects her personal attendant to carry out on the wedding day. These duties might include helping the bride in getting ready for the wedding party, keeping her personal stuff like purse or phone handy, keeping the gifts received by the bride at a safe place, making sure the personal requirements of the bride are fulfilled, etc. It is recommended that the personal attendant must carry a handbag with all the necessary stuff which might be required by the bride during the wedding party, for example, safety pins, wet wipes, facial tissues, make-up, concealer, etc.

The personal attendant must be selected very carefully by the bride. As the role of the personal attendant is very crucial and demanding, he or she must be someone the bride can rely on completely and at the same time feel comfortable.

The personal attendant must be thoroughly aware about most of the family members and friends gathered at the wedding party. Special attention must be paid by the personal attendant to ensure that the wedding gifts received are safely transported to the home of the bride and groom for opening. Apart from this, the personal attendant must immediately inform the bride in case there is lipstick on her teeth, some malfunction with her wedding dress, hair out of place, etc. and also make arrangements to set them right. 


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