Bar Decoration in the Wedding - How to have the Perfect Decoration of the Bar 

Bar Decoration in the Wedding - How to have the Perfect Decoration of the Bar

Not only to make the wedding more exciting, but to regard the wedding guests, which are not considering the wedding, the perfect one without Daaru. These are silly friends and the relatives, which are mostly excited about the drinking and dancing. After all, it’s the time for them to express their full love. 

The guests who come for bride and groom are nicely coming and greeting, with gentle hugging and kissing. Whereas, there are those too which come just for the daaru in the wedding. This is the daaru only which keeps the wedding moving in the wee hours of the night. There must be a stringent plan to make the bar at wedding most attractive and beautiful in the way, as described below-

1. Human tables for the chick bride-

The human tables are the most extravagant (costly) idea about there ever is. The dressed lady is made to stand in the middle, which pours and serves to the drink lovers. It’s still not confirmed, whether, do people like it or not or the strange idea that your wedding guests may love.

2. Very great Gatsby- for the glam bride-

As most of the bar ideas are about the elegance and the classic look, the bunch of pearls, purple lightening and lots of feather would suit well.

3. Bulb signage- 

Simple bulb signage guarantees all the fireflies. We love this simple way that attracts and keeps the drinks going.

4. The theka bar-

This is the most recommended way of personalizing the bar, to look Indian rustic. After all, that’s what we are. The colorful message by the way of mailbox looks too cute, displaying the theka of any particular name.

5. The Damask bar- 

The suspended lighting and the super glam damask bar will really make the bar to exhibit ethereal and modern. The brocade interiors and the baroque settings can be just wonderful and amazing.

6. Purple lights for the mystery bride-

The purple color keeps the mood going and the cozy purple bar with lots of lights takes the vintage to enhance its beauty and further adding to the theme and keeping it cute too.

7. The ultimate kitsch bride- truck bar- 

The traditional Indian truck with indianised cocktails like Aam panna mojito and roohafja vodka is the ultimate dash of funky and the funny way to exhibit for the brides who are funky and funny too.


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