Be a Healthy Glowing Bride 

Be a Healthy Glowing Bride

The idea of being and looking like a princess on their wedding is the dream of all. A load and lots of layers makeup can make your guest and your groom shocked and you unrecognizable in your own wedding with foundation, blusher, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, eye shadow and bold matte lipstick. But even with all those heavy makeup pan caked on your face never try to lose the athletic, natural charm of that outdoor woman you were your spouse fell in love with. So just go for that natural health full look that will not only make you glow on your special wedding but keep you flashing for the more years to come. Moreover just try to be yourself and try not to look like someone just arrived from any other planet and landed just now.

Natural and bold is new

So analyse the charm and focus on your natural, bold attitude. Also make sure you are healthy and toned than having the layers of make up on. The health charm will give you a glow that won’t wash off with your makeup and the toned body will be shaped even if you take the shape wear off. The next thing to remember is to follow a healthy diet than starving yourself till you look bines on your wedding day. Also it is important to drink lots and lots water to ensure you look hydrated and calm than that dehydrated and zombie look as soon as you take your make up out. 

Be hydrated

Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol and soda as much as you can. Everyone knows wedding is a big deal and everyone wants to celebrate by getting drunk till you start to see four of two but remember that it will affect your wedding and make you look dizzy and fizzy instead every time you think of that glass of caffeine,  alcohol and soda get two glasses of water instead. It will increase your metabolism and make you shaped and your skin glowing. Never go on the starving diet as dieting means to eat the right amount in the right time. So by best diet tips go for three to four light meals by dividing those heavy three meal diet you took. Also ensure that you intake proper amount on carbohydrate, nutrition, protein and vitamin to make your body feel special and have health.

Exercise for good

Next tip is to exercise every day. Make a plan with those cardio and weights to ensure your healthy body. It will balance your mind and body better for the big wedding day. Also get your hairs timely trimmed. It will affect your hair growth for better and make your hairs healthy and perfect. Also make you have the pre month of wedding booked with appointments of your hairstylist, makeup artist, dietician, wardrobe enhancer and everyone you are going to need to look to your best on your wedding. Also make sure you have someone with professional skill and do practice with them your wedding look to avoid last minute chaos and tensions. Just focus on health and natural toning above makeup layers. 


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