Be A Smart Couple & Save Your Money While Choosing Your Wedding Venue 

Be A Smart Couple & Save Your Money While Choosing Your Wedding Venue

If weddings were a sandwich, then the wedding venue would be the meat in this sandwich. The venue sets the tone for your wedding. The simple choice of wedding venue shows how lavish your wedding is going to be. Venue selection should be the first thing that you should be doing in your wedding preparation. Based on the availability of the best wedding venues, you may have to change the date of your wedding, and hence, all other wedding preparation would get affected accordingly.

There are many different places which you can choose as your wedding venue. You can book hotels for weddings, you can book farmhouses and have an outdoor wedding, there are party and banquet halls, etc. The prices of all these options vary, and sometimes the cost of booking these venues can be a very big part of your total wedding cost. Since compromising on the choice of wedding venue is a not a good option, therefore, the bride and the groom need to be a little smart, and use the following tips to save a little money on their bookings for wedding reception venues.


Think About Date And Time

Banquets Hall for Wedding

If you plan on having a wedding during the peak wedding season, the demand for the best wedding halls would be high, and hence, the cost of hiring them for the evening would be high as well. Therefore,if it is possible for you to move the wedding dates, plan your wedding in the off season, and get huge discounts on your wedding venue bookings. Similarly, instead of having an evening wedding, plan a daytime wedding, and automatically the rates for the venue would get slashed.


Choose One Location For Both Ceremony And Reception

Budget Wedding Venues

People generally conduct the wedding ceremony at one location and then look for other outdoor wedding venues for the reception ceremony. If you want to save money, use the same venue for both the ceremonies. Your total cost for both the ceremonies will get reduced.


Look For Tax Free Conclusable Venues

Affordable Wedding Venues

Taxes charged by the wedding venue vendors can increase the cost of wedding banquets by more than 10%. There are some wedding venues which fall in the tax free category, and by using these venues, you will be able to save the cost of taxes.


Minimize Your Guest List

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Many party halls charge on the basis of the number of guests attending the wedding. Thus, if you are able to minimize or reduce your guest list, you would be able to hire smaller wedding venues, and also reduce the rate of hiring these halls.


Read The Contradictions Carefully

Hotels for Weddings

You negotiate with the wedding venue owner and try to get maximum discount for the place. However, when the final bill arrives, there are numerous miscellaneous charges which are added to the same, and the cost of the venue increases significantly.To save yourself from the shock of these hidden costs, read the contract between you and the venue owner carefully, and make sure that you are aware of all the conditions when extra charges would be levied upon you.


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