Be an Outlandish Bride by Planning Effectively, Specifically the Last Minute Details 

Be an Outlandish Bride by Planning Effectively, Specifically the Last Minute Details

After fabulous planning of the wedding, from buying the lehenga, wedding dress appointments, floral meetings, hair and makeup trials and much more, the bride has to research, budget and plan. It’s not like walking down the aisle. It’s checking the last minute details as the wedding date inches ever closer. The brides, being the expertise in handling can tackle this last minute to dos. 

Refer this handy list in your final weeks of wedding planner so that you can be sured that prepping is not wasted due to one small mishap.

1. Make you music play lists- 
In addition to the list of songs that you want to listen in the wedding, come prepare with the list you absolutely not want to listen in the wedding. You must guide about the songs, that you like or don’t.

2. Writing a note to the groom-
Pen down some lovely notes to your hubby. Cool down your hubby’s nerves by telling how much excited you are to become the wife of her.  You would be extremely surprised to know the difference these small notes can make in your wedding.

3. Prepare tip envelopes-
We strongly assert you must pre designate the envelops by placing in them cash, rather than whipping your checkbook or handling out bundles of cash, is not how you would love to start.

4. Confirming the delivery timings-
There lies the deadline for the time, like as the deliveries, flowers, and wedding cake all this stuff fall within the specific time and make sure you confirm the delivery time.

5. Hair removal session- 
you must book hair removal session pretty advanced. The last thing is the reaction that you get like as red, itchy, blotchy.

6. Checking your wedding ceremony and vows-
It’s mandatory that you and your groom get your wedding wows checked by officiant so that the wedding goes off without a hitch.

7. Confirming any backup plans-
The plans for coordinating and having a tent on hand for the guests to seek shelter is extremely essential. Don’t left without an alternative plan.

8. Finalize Your Getting-Ready Timeline
This means confirming arrival times or appointments with your hair and makeup artists, giving a schedule to your bridesmaids, and letting your photographer know when you'd like her to start shooting.

9. Picking up your rings- 
You have to make sure that you have picked up the wedding bands and the ring before the ceremony. Get your sparkling and cleaned ring so that ill sparkle in all of your portraits.

10. Getting your marriage license- 
Arrange the wedding license between 24hours and 60 days before your wedding. Before wedding, confirm your specifics before you visit the legal professional to ensure the legitimate aspects of your wedding.

11. Manicure and pedicure-
Since the inception of your engagement till the wedding; your photographs become the memories for the years to come. Your hands, due to ring in them are clicked more. So don’t forget to have very good quality manicure and pedicure.

12. Providing the final head count to the caterer- 
To avoid the excessive wastage of the food, as well as inappropriate food cookings, you are firmly required to convey your caters about the head count. This would lead to appropriate food and savings of the money.


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