Beautiful Traditional Telugu Wedding In Hyderabad 

Beautiful Traditional Telugu Wedding In Hyderabad

Telugu weddings are full of traditions, rituals, spirituality, colors and fun. Professional wedding photographers SS Media & Events at Hyderabad location has given us a glimpse of a beautiful traditional Telugu wedding through these amazing wedding pictures of Sruthi and Saikiran. A good marriage photographer can convert your wedding into a beautiful story. They know what to click, when to click and where to click and present it in the best and most creative and candid way.


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Brides are mostly the centre of attention of a wedding so a good photographer for wedding understands the importance of capturing the best pictures of the bride. Here the photograph of the beautiful bride Sruthi carrying a ‘kobbari bondam’ or tender coconut in her hand symbolizes that she is carrying the blessings of the Lord to her wedding mandapam. It’s a Telugu wedding tradition. Now decorated kobbari bondam is preferred over simple ones like here Sruthi is carrying one with the images of Rama and Seeta as every girl wants a husband like lord Ram.


Wedding Cinematography by SS Media & Events in Hyderabad

SS Media & Events photographers have covered every important detail of Sruthi and Saikiran’s wedding from the moment when the scared bindi was applied on the glowing bride’s forehead to the exotic jewellery she wore for her special day. Everything from the maang teeka, to temple design armlet and ‘oddiyanam’ or waist belt have been clicked and covered. The candid pictures of bride radiating in her kanjivaram saree in red and the groom’s attire totally matching with the bride are simply amazing. The photographs captured the bride found her prince charming smile as well as the funny, shy and sincere sides of the bride to the evident happiness of the bride and groom. These candid pictures are a good example of candid wedding photography done by SS Media & Events.


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In Telugu wedding the groom and bride are considered avatars of Vishnu and Laxmi and the same has been captured beautifully in the photograph where Sruthi and Saikiran are sitting in front of the idols of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. The photographs also covered the most important ritual of ‘Mangalya Dharana’ where Saikiran stands in front of Sruthi while the priest holds a rod which is known as ‘Kade’ in Telugu above her head. The two disc like ‘ Mangala Sutralu” in yellow thread as clicked in the picture represents mental, spiritual and physical union of the couple. These are tied to ‘Kade’ and held over the head of the bride. While the priest chants ‘mantras’ Saikiran pours the holy water on the ‘Mangala Sutralu’ which drops on the head of the bride in drops.


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There is smiling photograph of the beautiful and happy couple in white and red clothes. The white and red costumes worn by the bride and groom are called ‘Madhu Parkalu’. The white and red color symbolizes purity and strength in Telugu wedding. Same is with the rice grains coated with turmeric and saffron on their heads; it represents prosperity, mental, spiritual and physical union. The tradition where the groom and bride pour turmeric colored rice on each other’s head is called ‘Talambralu’.


Wedding cinematography of Sruthi and Saikiran shows all the important elements involved in a traditional Telugu wedding beautifully and this is a good enough reason to book your Wedding cinematography by SS Media & Events in Hyderabad.


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