Beautiful Wedding Tents 

Beautiful Wedding Tents

Outdoor weddings are special and they create a romantic aura that an indoor wedding cannot match up to. At the same time, they come with the risk of a bad weather, rains, etc. If you’re planning to host an outdoor wedding that is also safeguarded from the bad weather, a wedding tent can make your imagination come true. From classic chandeliers to mesmerizing lanterns, draped fabric and fragrant flowers, tents provide you with a lot of freedom to innovate, style and design the kind of wedding you’ve dreamed of. The amount of styling you can do with a wedding tent is endless. 

Frame tent

The frame tent is one of the most commonly used types of party tent. A metal frame is used to support the tent and it is free standing such that it can be set up even on the hard surfaces. Metal pipes inside the tent can be used to hang decorations, lights, lanterns, etc. Layers of draped fabric are used to cover up the frame. 

Pole tent

Just like it reads out, a pole tent is fixed using the poles and drapes. Since the pole is erected into the ground, it cannot be setup on solid surfaces. However, they look majestic and heavenly with their peaked tops. You can create a lively aura by using light coloured tents and contrast it with bright decorations. The combination of white tent and golden chandeliers never fails to impress your guests and looks classic. 

Marque tent

A Marque tent is a medley of the frame tent and the pole tent and hence it can be set up anywhere while also having the beautiful features of a pole tent. Use warm and light hues for a wedding ceremony taking place in the daylight. You can also add dimension by draping the fabric at uneven lengths.

Tropical style tent

Used mostly at the beach weddings or resorts, this type of tent is generally made of bamboo draped in a light see through cloth. Although tropical style tents are chic and voguish, they provide little or no safety from the bad weather.

Printed tents

Used mostly in Indian weddings, printed tents set an aura of royalty and majesty. You can use wedding tents in bright reds, deep purples or vibrant maroons to carry away your guests to an exotic land. You can also use matching curtains with flowing fabrics to set the perfect royal vibe. 


Nothing matches the beauty of a huge chandeliers hanging upside down the roof of a tent. You can opt from a range of antique to modern chandeliers. Other embellishments such as candles, antique light fixtures, mini lights, lanterns, etc. can be appropriately used to create the kind of vibe you’ve imagined for your big day. You can also project intricate light patterns on your wedding tent to create a funky wedding ceremony. 

Go green

You need not necessarily rely on the artificial decorations to up your wedding game. You can also use natural plants, shrubs, trees and flowers in a variety of colors to beautify your outdoor tent wedding. You can cover or wrap up the poles with beautiful bouquets and vines. Don’t forget to match the color of the flowers you use with the color of the wedding tent and other furniture, otherwise your wedding would end up looking more like a park. 


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