Beautifully captured mehendi shots of the year 2018 

Beautifully captured mehendi shots of the year 2018

Mehendiceremonyprewedding ritual in Indian culture. It is also used as an herb for medicinal purposes as it is believed that mehendi relieves stress with its cooling effect. Mehendi ceremony in Indian weddings is usuallya grand and fun ritual for probably preventing the wedding stress of the would-be couple as well as to add to their grace and elegance.

Designer Mehendi not just defines a contemporary bride; it makes the look glamorous without losing the auspicious touch that henna provides. From contemporary to minimalist, we have got a list of trendy mehendi art shots below for everyone to adore and want!

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A perfect quirky design for the groom. The script adds to the swagger, and the design keeps the tradition


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A blend of tradition with the quirkiness of contemporary times; it’s a mixture of both mythical and quotidian. This is an intricate design with henna that won’t just cool your sense will also add a dimension to your personality.


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Traditionally, women get the initials of the groom tattooed with henna on their hands; but this mehendi design makes the traditional ritual more interesting by sketching the groom’s face. Want, much?


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Pic courtesy :Wedding Nama


Who says henna can only be applied to hands and hair? As glamorous it looks on hands, as it does on feet. Wearing a light anklet with this design multiplies the elegance of the look tenfold.



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Pic courtesy :Tuhina chopra Photoworks


For a perfect floral look, this intricate mehendi design is what you must be on a lookout for. Professional mehendi photographers consider this the best design for a perfect “straight out of a fairytale” picture. The colors and flowers complement the floral look of the mehendi design, and help you get compliments.


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A beautiful couple mehendi design to flaunt your ‘jodi’ is the perfect go to for this wedding season. A minimalist design on one side highlighting your Jodi name and a beautiful elaborate pattern on the other not just makes the hands look beautiful individually, it also makes the Jodi shine out.



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This picture provides ‘goals’ for Mehendi photography ideas. An extremely beautiful shot of an extremely beautiful henna design, it requires great skill to draw such an elaborate design and greater skill to capture and enhance the beauty of it.


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Pic courtesy :Dipak Studios


What if you were told that you hands can look beautiful and full without having to carry the weight of bangles? A henna design can make that possible for you. You can give your hands some rest without losing out on the beauty accessories provide.


Mehendi Designer

Mehendi designer: Shalini Mehendi Artist


A design that neither makes your hands look too full nor too empty. A perfect balance of grandeur with right amount of empty spaces is what this design is all about.


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Pic courtesy : Two-fireflies-one-camera



Let your groom work a little hard to locate his name in this elaborate design.


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A picture perfect mehendi design for your perfect pre-wedding photoshoot is what this picture is all about.



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Pic Courtsey:DC-photography

A folk tale on your hands, and grandeur in your fist.



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This henna design gives the perfect royal look to your hands.



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Deep-Veer wedding was all about grandiose, and so reflects the picture. The royalty of look is enhanced by the accessories, henna, as well as the professional photographer.



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Get a cool and quirky text scripted on your palm, and flaunt it with sass.


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Such beautiful art can be tattooed on your feet with henna to make your feet look gorgeous.



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With sparkles on your nails and beautiful henna on your hands; let yourself sparkle like the star you are.


Bride-Groom in a heart highlighted in the hands of the bride is a great mehendi art shot.



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Picture perfect henna hands.



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A minimalist and graceful henna design.


Mehendidesigns are considered auspicious in Indian and Arabic cultures. Studies say that henna has been a part of our culture since the ancient times and has survived the ravages of time by being flexible enough to incorporate the changing designs and moods of the time.



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