Beautifying Your Eyelashes 

Beautifying Your Eyelashes

If you want to change your look and make your eyes more beautiful there is no better way than to add thicker eye lashes to your daily makeup routine. It is not impossible to achieve those thick and long celebrity eyelashes. This tutorial brings to you free tips and tricks on how to make your eyelashes look even more beautiful. Eyelashes protect your eyes from the dirt and dust and also add beauty to your eyes. Every woman dreams to have thicker and fuller eye lashes. However, your eyelashes are as delicate as your eyes and are prone to get damaged easily. The rate with which your eye lashes grow is much slower than the rate at which your hair grows. These days there are several products available in the market to enhance the beauty of your eye lashes. These include, eyelash extensions, weightless extensions, etc. However, special care and attention needs to be paid on the brand and the quality of the products. Follow the below mentioned methods to give a fuller look to your eyelashes and make them appear thicker and longer.

Using False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are very affordable and can be put to use in just ten minutes. You can purchase a good quality pair of false eyelashes from any good eyelash technician who is into eyelash trade or even from the local drugstore. They come in a large variety based on their length and thickness. You can select the one according to your requirement, whether you want a natural looking everyday one or a bold thick to wear in parties. It is recommended to buy some eye lash glue so that you can make these false eyelashes stay for longer.

Peel of the false eyelashes from their case, cut the extra length depending upon how much length your eyes require, apply some eyelash glue to it, let the glue sit for few seconds and stick on to your eye lids. Press it evenly and gently, apply your eyeliner and there you go!

Using Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions make your eyelashes look longer and fuller in the most natural way as compared to other methods. They are smudge free and water resistant. However, the cons of using these weightless extensions include the high price of it, can be used only for up to 2-3 weeks, takes at least 2 hours time to apply them for the first time and even need a drying time of 48 hours.

Using Eyelash Growth Serum

LiLash is a growth serum used for the eyelashes and is believed to bring about magical results within few weeks of its regular application. It is very simple to apply and can be used just like you use your eye liner. It is a formulated serum and is safe to be applied on eye lashes. Initially it needs to be applied on a daily basis till the desired length of eyelashes is achieved. After the eyelashes have grown to the desired length, the serum can be applied twice a week to maintain the look. Although the price of one bottle is high but it lasts up to six months when used on a regular basis. 


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