Bengali Marriage Catering Menu 

Bengali Marriage Catering Menu

Food is a critical piece of the "Bong" personality. History has weaved a private relationship between Bengalis and great food and this closeness resounds through their weddings. Regardless whether you go for conventional or contemporary style of wedding, here is a manual for set a noteworthy menu for your Bengali wedding cater.

What has Changed for Bengali menu?

Traditional Bengali Wedding Dishes

Until a couple of years, back most Bengali marriages had the traditional food pattern and recipes hence providing us the opportunity to indulge into the genuine Bong treat. With urbanization impacting each part of our lives, wedding meals have likewise added an advanced turn to the dishes and the method for serving supper.

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Customarily in Bengali weddings food is served on leaves and water in the rural terracotta tumblers. However now a days these meals are being replaced by the exotic buffet dinners.


The Conventional Bengali Menu

Bengali Wedding Catering Menu


A conventional Bengali menu brings together various kinds of the Indian Food Catering flavors wrapped in a single dish. The rice with Moong Dhal is a staple in all Bengali weddings. The main round of serving begins with Shukto, typical family unit nourishment in West Bengal. The dish is made of vegetables that are slightly bitter in taste.

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The primary motivation behind this dish is to clean the sense of taste and guarantee that guests enjoy the upcoming treat without any limitations. This is trailed by a rundown of other Bengali home luxuries, for example, channa dhal (a stew made of pulses), aloobhajja (seared potato strips), and Phoolgobhi (potato and cauliflower blend) and beguni cut aubergine broiled with chick pea batter.

The Current Bengali Spread

Food Menu in Bengali Wedding


Contemporary weddings serve fabulous dishes that hold the conventional flavors with shockingly better embellishing and presentation. Food counters serving Naan, Phulka, Pulao with an intriguing array of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food from the Bengali cuisine makes the supper delicious and remarkable.


Conventional desserts are supplanted by frozen yogurts and Gulab Jamuns. All around beautified plate of mixed greens bars serving various types of plates of mixed greens, snacks, and Tandoori dishes are getting to be well known in Bengali weddings.


The Affection for Fish

Traditional Bengali Wedding Menu


The Bengali’s love for fish is known across the country. Then again it is simply not the fish but rather a whole menu of non-vegetarian Bengali dishes that must be a piece of a wedding gathering to guarantee that you have fulfilled the palates of every one of your visitors. The Bhetkimachar, Hilshamacharjhol, Koi Kalia, and Chingris are the mainstream fish treats of West Bengal.


Other well-known nonvegan dishes incorporate Mutton Kabiraji (sheep cutlet), Dak Bungalow (sheep curry) and chicken cooked in tomato sauce and prepared with poppy seeds.

Flavourful Desserts

Bengali Menu for Wedding


Bengali pastries are cherished by individuals of all states in India. Regardless of how big and excellent, a wedding is, it is sure to serve these unique pastries to the visitors. The most prominent treats of West Bengal are Rasagullas, Rasa Malai, Sandesh, and Jholagur.


Bengalis have a great adoration for food and a wedding is the best time to treat your companions and relatives to great food.

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