Best Advice To Get The Best Saree For Your Marriage  

Best Advice To Get The Best Saree For Your Marriage

The one dress which is loved by all ladies of all ages in India is the sarees. The popularity of sarees have grown so much in the world that for all wedding occasions getting a saree or selecting a saree is very important and difficult task for girls. The people in the western world are also very fond of sarees because it comes with good designs and attracts people to see you more and more. 
Girls are fanatic about sarees
There are lot of girls who are fanatic about sarees and spend a lot of time in selecting them. They never decide what they want in one shop. They go in search and sometimes take the whole day in selecting one. Do you also have girls in your family you fall under this category of saree fanatic? Then this article is the right one to help everyone in getting their wedding dress as saree with ease. 

The aspect of Embroidery / Embellishments makes your saree look attractive 
The best idea which we can offer for people who are budget conscious about purchasing a wedding gown is to move to buy sarees. Yes a designer saree can be a best replacement for the wedding gown. Good Embroidery / Embellishments can make you dress very attractive. There are readymade materials available in the market with respect to embroidery and can be bought and stitched to your wedding dress as per your wish. Buying a pain saree of your choice and then stitching the embellishments is the best way to have budget saree. 
Selecting the best border is important 
Adding a correct border to the saree which you have bought is very important part of designer sarees. Make sure that your border of the dress match you partners dress or the vice versa such that you can have a perfect match in wedding dress. The best advice to select the border is that it should be contrasted with the colour of you saree. Also there are plenty of options in terms of saree borders shuch as silk border, pearl border, wire border, glass border and so on. Besides this also make sure that your wedding shoes are also matching your border. 
We also advice the girls to follow the following quick tips for look elegant and smart in their wedding outfit. 

Select lighter prints – Choosing embroidery which is very light and not thick will make you look slim and elegant in the wedding hall. 

Select sarees which are dark in colour – remember you will be seen by thousands of people and you need to pose for thousands of photos. So choose a designer saree which is dark shade like red, blue, black etc. 

Choose a long sleeve blouse – make sure that your blouse which you’re choosing for the saree is long sleeved and also contains the equal amount of work of embroidery as in sarees.

Drape your sarees well – take an expert advice or help in draping you saree. This will help you to look slim and stylish. 


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