Best Alternatives to Rose Petals to be Showered on the Newly Wedded Couple as they Walk Out 

Best Alternatives to Rose Petals to be Showered on the Newly Wedded Couple as they Walk Out

The farmable photograph is when you, along with your partner walk out with your hubby, and all your loved ones gather around to give you their blessings. These blessings are sprayed with the help of rose petals. The tradition for south India has different ritual, where the rice along with the turmeric is thrown over the couple.  The trend of rose petals has been obsolete. There is requirement of some other brilliant ideas to have your final wedding walk, a thrilling ride.

1.  Colored glitters/sequins- throwing glitter is probably the most glamorous alternative of all. Take tiny packets and put in bigger sequins and better glitter and serve them to your guests. They indeed appear gorgeous and the sophisticated way of attaining the beautiful photographs.

2. Confetti- confetti is full of colorful papers in different shapes, which can be thrown gorgeously on the couples. If you slip few of the thermo coal balls, stripped streamers and loads of glitter paper. It’s actually a fun to remain fuss free.

3. The lavender- the nice smelling dried lavender is the best thing to happen to couples as they walk down the aisle. The attractiveness of the pastel hue, along with the nice aroma of these dried lavenders can really be an intoxicating exchange.

4. Pom-poms- the home made pom poms made with wool, and in myriad of the colors are most photogenic to be thrown on the couples.  The pom poms must be tiny and easily carried. The shots are Instagram worthy. Really.

5. Fake snow- the fake snow blowing machines are available in the market on the rent. So hire one of them to shower the snow to create dream wedding like scenario. 

6. Planes of paper- the colored planes of paper, preferably the neon colored can be supplied to your guests after having them from the decorators or the girl gang of yours, to swoop in on the charming couple as they walk out of the wedding. 

7. Colored rice, poha or colored oats- the oats or the rice can be colored beautifully with the help of added charm that is the glitter. The shinning rice or oats appear more gorgeous. The rainbow look of omber, make you crazy. The photogenic worth of the colors and the shines.

8. Streamers-Yes, colourful streamers can make any wedding beautiful. Just look for silly string spray streamers. They come in cans and fill the space with beautiful colors and long strings. Nice stuff! And you can buy them at any party shop.

9. Heart-Shaped Colour Paper – think of super creativity like as heart shaped or tiny polka dots, four leaf clovers colored papers cut into these or some other shapes. 

10. Bubbles- the bubbles, of less soapy solution, to be blown by family or friends are good options than anything else. Really. Just try out this. 

11. Potpourri- Nicely scented dried floral petals and scented strips of wood are great to throw on the couple. Choose from fragrance like spicy wood, gentle. 


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