Best Bridal Cover Ups for Winter Wedding 

Best Bridal Cover Ups for Winter Wedding

When you have fixed your marriage during winter season, then you must think for the wedding dress according to the weather too. Otherwise, you will tend to get cold. In this situation, if you include the right kind of cover-ups in winter wedding dresses, you will create wonders. You will find many options in these. Here are a few ideas that would make your choice exceptional on that big day. 


Though the jean shirt or pants are treated as informal, but a jean jacket will make you so elegant on that day, others will copy for their big days. The colour may will of your choice matching with other winter wedding favours. However, if you don’t want to wear jeans, you may try the Leather Jacket too. 


For the brides or grooms to present an edgy look, a polished blazer would be the perfect choice. It can be nicely tailored according to physique and will suit on every stature. The colour may be dark or light as per the individual choice. The material may be anything as per the individual choice such as a cropped Blazer or a velvet Blazer. 

Use of Lace

If the jacket or blazer is not of your choice, you may opt for laced shirt. It will work among unique winter wedding ideas. It will give you a pretty look and is available with excellent embroidery. It is available in all the sizes in most of the outlets. 

Fur and Feather

For an Indian wedding, the use of shawl is very common. The use of fur and feather will be much impressing and lovely choice. This will provide comfortable cover up along with style and fashion. Not only shawls but scar made of fur and feathers will give stunning appearance in a winter wedding. The fur and feathers may also be used in coats and blazers to give extra ordinary look to the bride as well as the groom. 


The wool is the best cloth that helps you in cold weather and on the wedding day also, you may not forget it. You may use a good quality sweater to protect your body from cold and present a style. The sweaters made of wool can be suited on any type of wedding dress, be it saree or Lehenga choli or even salwar kameez. The colour of wool may be matching or in contrast with other dresses. For grooms too, the sweater can be worn over shirt and below the coat in coat-pant dress or over kurta in kurta-dhoti or kurta-pajama dress.  

Did you find any of your choice! Certainly the winter wedding is not just the challenge, but also presents you variety of choices to show your spirit to cope up with cold temperatures. This is not applicable to the brides and the grooms, but for everyone who is present in the wedding. What you need to do is, just think once and pick your choice. You will be liked by all those present there and your personality will be more revealed to them. 


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