Best Cake Cutting Song Ideas 

Best Cake Cutting Song Ideas

Music is an important part of every wedding. During the various wedding ceremonies, the feeling of the people present in the wedding varies. For example, when the bride enters the wedding venue for the first time, the groom and everyone else present feels excited, but in a subdued way, on the other hand, once the vows are done and the reception party starts, it quickly changes to a party mood where everyone wants to sing, dance and have a great time. On all these occasions, it is the change in music which helps in setting the mood right for the occasion. 

Wedding Songs

It is important that the songs selected for each and every occasion of the wedding should be appropriate not just for the function or the ceremony that is happening, but also to the mood that is expected at that occasion. In many cases the bride and the groom provide the DJ or the band playing at their wedding a list of their special songs which they want to be played on specific moments during their wedding. These special songs make sure that the wedding gets a very personal touch and feel for the bride and the groom.

Cake Cutting Ceremony

The cake cutting ceremony generally takes place after the bride and the groom have completed their vows and have been declared man and wife. In most of the cases, the wedding reception party is kicked off by this cake cutting ceremony. This ceremony is a traditional ceremony. The mood of the people at this ceremony is quite playful and upbeat. It basically marks the celebration of the holy union of the bride and the groom. The bride and the groom may either decide to hold each other


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