Best Cover Ups for Groom in Winter Wedding 

Best Cover Ups for Groom in Winter Wedding

Winter wedding dress for bride is done and all the cover-ups were all set for winter wedding, then what is the matter of grooms winter dress, if you are about to select the groom attire for winter weddings there are some tips that you should follow before selecting. Wedding dress for groom should be warm cloths which makes the groom feel comfortable and will not allow groom to frozen on outdoor photo shoots. Wearing a dress like cardigan or sweater instead of jacket will not let you frozen on your winter weddings, pants and shirts made up of warm clothing with warm shoes will make the groom feel more comfortable during the winter wedding out door photo shoots. Accessories that suits for grooms in weddings in winter are many some of them are awesome winter boutonnieres with feathers, pinecones, bright flowers, coniferous branches and berries, some groom can find their own accessories like groom pin for suits etc. 

Grooms attire for winter weddings

  • We should select colours which looks more stylish and elegant on grooms for their big day, colours like white and pattered suit with colourful bow and accessories or he can go with contrast colours of dark and light combinations. Black, grey and blue colours are traditional colours so one who is interested can go with these colours too

  • Consider for a tweed wedding suit, because tweed suit is chic and whimsical and elegant with the grey colours which suits for winter weddings

  • If you are thinking to have a rustic wedding in barn or a country court tweed is a fantastic option for your wedding in winter, nothing looks better than misty backdrop with hills and fields with the man of a tweed suit

  • Add a waistcoat which looks chic on your rustic winter themed wedding

Cover ups for groom

Wool or cashmere blend, whether it is morning suit or lounge suit it is always better to cover up with some wool to make you warm on winter weddings. It will be luxurious and more comfortable and keeps you warm all the day on your wedding. It is not important that always durability is the main priority, cashmere trousers wear out easily so it is always better to have two more pairs with you. A flannel wedding suit will keep you warm throughout the day and also add an autumn flavour to your attire. One of the good reasons for having flannel suit for your winter wedding is you can use this suit for many winters. Because of its highly durable nature, light weight and soft texture, versatility makes you more comfortable that a tweed alternative. If you are wearing a three piece suit a classic pocket and watch on a chain is a great way to make special attraction and this look will be fabulous for winter vintage theme weddings. 

Add on braces:

  • Braces are attractive add ups for grooms wedding suits. Especially if you are going with the casual look, if you go with them in trousers, shirts, canvas and trainers etc. 

  • Scarves also look fabulous in many suits or wearing a warm plaid shirt with a bow is also great option. 

  • Whatever look you are interested in, make sure that you discuss it with your fianc


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