Best Destinations to Celebrate Bachelorette Party 

Best Destinations to Celebrate Bachelorette Party

A Bachelorette refers to the unmarried woman who is about to get married and enter a new phase of her life all together, its counterpart, the unmarried man is known as a Bachelor.


What is a Bachelorette Party? It is the last party during singlehood, celebrated by the bride maids and the bride-to-be, widely known as Hen Party. This kind of a celebration has its roots deep down our culture, wherein everyone including the would-be-bride along with her friends and cousins pamper the bride, and make her feel special. This is just another way to draw focus of their body and souls and spend some quality and fun time. Similar type of a celebration is on the boy’s side popularly known as Stag Party or Bachelor Party.


Well, breaking down all the odds, herein we are going to discuss some of the hot and happening destinations around the globe along with the quirky attractions for the most desirable bachelorette party.




LA Bachelorette Party – Bachelorette Party Los Angeles 


is totally doable and you will let the bride-to-be feel like a fun-loving princess. The suite style accommodations are equipped with attached kitchenette available at affordable prices. Los Angeles welcomes you for its gorgeous views, dance floors pepped up with live music and pleasure of VIP ladies bottle service available 24x7. Exotic spas and free style accessories available at the photo studios for that dreamy photoshoot inclusive of the special tiara and the sash.


Bachelorette Party Los Angeles


Tip – Plan in advance to get the best discounts!


Bachelorette Party in Miami

Topping the list of trendiest vacation spots Miami offers chic night life, lively art scenes and beautifully spread white sand beaches. To kick start before clubbing in the beach, soak up in the sun at infinity pool, take a bite and grab a drink. Cruising on a private boat decorated to surprise the bride-to-be is a life time experience at Miami Bachelorette Party. Don’t forget to booze and bomb at the world’s best night clubs and bars.


Bachelorette Party Miami


Tip – Do ask for Miami Bachelorette Party Packages!


Las Vegas Bachelorette Party- Vegas Bachelorette Party

has evolved as a perfect weekend long get away rather than just a flingy, flirtatious night celebration of singledom. Wildly entertaining parties with silky rules, sassy outfits, bar crawls, lavish spa treats, pole dances, strip shows, betting, boozing to let loose, pool side relaxation and so on, such power packed packages with so much doings for those wayward pack of girls. Hollywood approved restaurants, bars and cafes welcome you to treat you and your BFF’s soul. It’s a paradise for globetrotters, gamblers and sightseers. Las Vegas has bachelorette party packages to fit in all price points.


Las Vegas Bachelorette Party


Tip – Do assimilate day and night activities before you get it booked.


San Diego Bachelorette Party

Much infamous for its perfect weather San Diego is alive with swanky suites, pool side cabana, chic rooftops, VIP bottle service, world class dining with mouth-watering culinary from the international platter, yatch parties, royal luxury cruises and what not. The bride-to-be and her maids get just the right amount of pampering at the nail studios and salons in each vicinity, wine tasting stations, shopping on local binges, photo shoot with those croppy ensembles and prolific props. Fun together with the energetic gang at the disco bar, roller blading and biking are endless means to push the boat out for an amazing bachelorette party, impressive indeed!


San Diego Bachelorette Party


Tip – Design a detailed itinerary prior to get the booking.




Bachelorette Party in Mumbai

Planning a Bachelorette Party is cool, low key, lazy and suitable for girls who just don’t want to move out, Mumbai is the only stop. Villas and suites are available in abundance, in and around the beachy locations of the financial and glamourous capital metro city of India. Colaba, Breach Candy, Churchgate, Parel, Worli and other locations, all spots offer an epic night life with shimmering and glamorous clubs, cafes, bars and theme-based restaurants offering special nights for women, who wish to giggle, gossip, dance and booze.


Bachelorette Party in Mumbai


Bachelorette Party in Bangalore

The IT city of India overture the besties with well budgeted locations inside and in the suburbs of the city to enjoy the chiller party prior to falling into the bridezilla zone. The exotic site is bursting with those intimate creepy joints, hangout and perfect get aways for that dreamy weekend to give you a charmed and chilling experience of life. The vineyards, bars, discotheques all are awesome picks. Bachelorette party places in Bangalore include MISU, Double Decker, 1Q1, Communiti, Arbor Brewing Company, The13th Floor, Hammered and this list continues.


Bachelorette Party


Tip – Do check on the internet personally or get it booked in advance.


Some Other Places For Destination Bachelorette Party


Amsterdam Bachelorette Party

The Best Place to have a Bachelorette Party in Europe is Amsterdam. The unique Bubble bike and Prosecco Bike rides, the real red light photo shoot, extravagant prosecco cruise, amazing dinner with the stripper, VIP clubbing, involving and rejuvenating workshop of Pimp my Dido are some of the interesting events for throwing an impeccable hen party here.


Amsterdam Bachelorette Party


Thailand Bachelorette Trip

Thailand tops the chart as the finest place among the south Asian countries with its three aces – tropical location, genuinely affordable and unlimited fun quotient. Island hopping, ladyboy show, go karting, club hopping, yachting, infinite water sports, city ride on a pre booked private Limo, spa and massage parlours are some major attractions that add charm to this perfect spot for the bachelorette party.


Thailand Bachelorette Trip


Bachelorette Australia

Being the farthest on the globe we often forget about what Australia has to offer on its platter but, the Yarra Valley in Australia is the crown jewel region for gourmet eats, wine tasting and luxury stays to meet those Bachelorette Australia goals. Other major picks for the amazing squad and the cool bride-to-be include hot air ballooning, Gin tasting, farmhouse staying experience apart from the regular picks which have been discussed in detail in all locations. Full day packages, hen night outs and weekend get aways are plenty in number to choose. Select wisely!

Bachelorette Party Australia



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