Best Outdoor Wedding Mandaps To Watch Out For Your Special Day 

Best Outdoor Wedding Mandaps To Watch Out For Your Special Day

Couples today prefer outdoor wedding arrangements as these ensure better charm, elegance and above all, a subtle resonance with the nature that abounds as the heavenly component. When we talk of outdoor wedding arrangement then creativity spontaneously touches the optimizations because you have so much to experiment and innovate! Wedding mandap is a concept that is integral and there can be innumerable ways to develop and decorate it for a specialty and unique feel to the event. Luxury wedding planners in Delhi and other leading cities of India are finding heavy demand for outdoor wedding stage decoration! Responding to such demands, the Indian wedding planning specialists have developed some finest mandap decoration ideas. If you are also seeking a special mandap outdoor together with all the Hindu wedding decorations then here are the best genres to choose from. Have a look –

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Mandap adorned with bright colorful flowers


One of the best outdoor mandap themes could be the flower decoration! Flowers import the freshness, colors and fragrance to the mandap and also add the spiritual feel and fervor to the mandap ceremony.


Golden mandap depicting the high worth of occasion


Try out a richly decorated mandap in different hues of gold. Creative outdoor wedding decorators develop very finesse mandaps with golden fabrics, nets and other products.

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Mandap in velvety red and crimsons


If you seek a plush and richer look and feel then velvets in red and deep crimsons could be a great choice. Such mandaps reflect vibrance, energy and passion for love.


Balloon décor of mandap for a pomp feel and enthusiasm


Seeking more pomp and enthusiasm at your mandap ceremony? Try out the balloon decoration. You can choose the color combination of your choice. Red and saffron are good while yellow and blue are also fine!

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Classic shades of white and beige for a more cosmopolitan outlook


Mount up a classic white mandap with shades of it like creams and beige. This will ensure a lighter yet elegant look which is best suited for a cosmopolitan feel.


In the midst of the pool


Ask your wedding planner to develop a mandap in the middle of a pool like you find in grand resorts. This is simply unique and the couple gets heavenly feel when abound by waters.

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Lake side and sea side mandap


Water side concepts of more natural feel could be those of lake or sea side wedding mandaps. These are very elegant because of the serene natural backdrop with the sun setting and waves splashing!

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In the woods; for those who love the rustic touch!


If you find resonances with the rustic environs then move to the countryside and put up your mandap adjoining the wilder woods. There are many resorts that buffer the wildlife zones in India and you can choose one among them for your wedding! Many people count them as their first choice when deliberating on the best Indian wedding venues!

A grand royal mandap with kingly feel

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Get arranged a grand scale royal durbar and complete your mandap rituals with a royal feel! Such mandaps are really big and require sprawling lawns!


Choose from these finest concepts of outdoor mandaps and add value and uniqueness to your special occasion!


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