Best/Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts Your Girls Will Love 

Best/Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts Your Girls Will Love

One couldn't plan one’s wedding without the bridesmaids. Right from the proposal till the bachelorette party and the time you tie the knot, every girl in your bridal party is helping you at every stage. As you've decided to ask your relatives or the closest female friends to be your bridesmaids through the wedding process, you have to face the hard part of picking out the right gifts for them.

  1. Gifting Jewellery:
    The good thing about jewellery is the bridesmaids can wear it on the wedding day adding the additional touch. It is should also something that they can wear again after the function.

  2. Personalized Jewellery Case:
    Other idea to add to jewellery could be a personalized jewellery case. It can wrap up with the jewellery inside. One can also offer an embroidered jewellery roll. 

  3. Personalized Travel Case:
    For all their beauty necessities wherever they go, giving your bridesmaids a personalized travel case would be practical gift. An alternative carrying case for all her small things,  a personalized toiletry bag would be great.

  4. Cosmetic Bag:
    In case the bridesmaids wear makeup, a custom embroidered cosmetic bag which is matched colour with your wedding colours and the bridesmaid dresses would add a special touch.

  5. Personalized Picture Frame:
    If the bride puts a great picture of the bridesmaid with her and engraves a personal thank you note on the outside of the frame, it is will be a gift to be cherished.

  6. Personalized Tote Bag:
    Giving bridesmaid a personalized tote bag which they can use to carry all their gym clothes is a nice idea. It can be a great everyday bag, even if they don't use it as a gym bag. For the yoga enthusiasts, a personalized yoga bag is a sure gift.

  7. Photo Keychain:
    The engraved photo keychain can be a useful and practical gift where bridesmaid can keep all her keys together 

  8. Personalized Business Card Case:
    Another practical gift is a personalized business card case for the professional bridesmaid. The elegant styles which are perfect for any woman can be found.

  9. Fancy Pens:
    A great addition to anyone's desk would be fancy pens, so are the Blown glass pens which anyone can use are a unique gift.

  10. Engraved Wine Box:
    The classy and personal gift that the bridesmaid who loves wine would appreciate is giving them an engraved wine box. The great alternative will be personalized jute wine bag. 

Easy Weddings Gift Registry:

One can also opt for gift registry even for the bridesmaids. Ensure that one registers at a national store so that the out of town guests won’t have to make journey to buy the wedding gift. Various stores now have an online electronics gift registry which may be essential to make life easy for the wedding guests. If you want to register at more than one store, wedding gift registries will make this easier for you with a one list covering gifts from several different stores.

The above are but a few gift ideas for the bridesmaids and one can always improvise as per trends.


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