Better Avoid These In Muslim Weddings 

Better Avoid These In Muslim Weddings

Different cultures have diverse and varied wedding ceremonies and celebrations and there different rituals and tradition followed by each that too differently. One of the unique and very famous weddings is the Muslim wedding ceremonies. Muslims have a unique and totally different style to celebrate wedding ceremonies. Muslim weddings also known as Nikkah and Walima are very different and have certain restrictions also.

No alcohol please

The very first thing to avoid at a Muslim wedding is alcohol. Never ever take or expect any alcohol in these wedding ceremonies. Also remember that Muslims are very strict when it comes to their rituals and ceremonies a small mistake also are not avoided. The next thing to avoid at any Muslim or any other wedding ceremony is to be on time. Yes ceremonies like wedding are never on time and the time on the wedding invitation cards are just blunt and blatant lie. Also take your time and always have an hour or half as a compromise. So never follow any time line on a wedding ceremony.

Long speeches

Also always be prepared for the long and emotional speeches that just expand to boring and tiring. The speeches in a Muslim wedding are long and long and just longer. Also these speeches include everything you want to know and everything you don’t even wish to know. If you are making your speech short for the love and sake of the biryani never expect others to do so. Never ever in a Muslim wedding go full or half stomach on their receptions. Yes Muslim wedding receptions have every tasty delicious and mouth-watering meat and non-vegetarian dishes along with sweet dishes you just don’t want to leave. Also the food is so traditional that missing it out and you will be cursing yourself whole life.

One should never ever dress too skanky on any Muslim wedding or Indian wedding. It is very important to dress simple and in a sophisticated manner to avoid all eyes just examining you and doing X ray. The majority crowd here just searches a different country fish to just beam on. Also never engage in any kind of public affection. Muslim wedding ceremonies are like one of their kind and people here are tender and simple so it is good to hold yourself at affections. Here the newlyweds do not share their first kiss in public like the Christians you attended before.

Be busy or at-least look busy

Also never appear single or available in a Muslim wedding ceremony. Your singlism may motivate the matchmaking aunties to find you a perfect suit just there and that could be a problem at someone else’s wedding. Also once you openly accept your singlism you can be prone to discussion and rumours you will not be aware of. Also never try to break the gender split boundaries at a Muslim weddings as this can just result in disappointment for you. Never try to cross the boundaries and enjoy the event from your side. Also never get funny in the rukhsathi. It is a pretty emotional event when bride and the groom leave from the reception and your sense of humour will pay you bad. 


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