Blooming Lovely Ways to Use Fresh Flowers in Your Wedding 

Blooming Lovely Ways to Use Fresh Flowers in Your Wedding

Out of the many things with which weddings are associated, fresh flowers are one thing that tops this list. Irrespective of the scale of the wedding, every wedding will have fresh flowers present in it in numerous different forms. From being a medium of decoration to a religious symbol, these fresh flowers serve a variety of purposes at a wedding. Some of the uses to which these fresh flowers can be put to at a wedding are as follows:

Making The Altar Look Like Heaven

The altar is the place where the bride and the groom are supposed to say their sacred vows to each other. Therefore, it is important that this place should have a look which is distinctive from the rest of the wedding venue. The fresh flowers can help in making the altar look like a place in heaven, where the bride and the groom stand in front of the lords and commit their lives to each other. The beauty and fragrance of the flowers help in giving the altar this feel. 


Every groom and almost all the pother important men at the weddings like to wear stylish buttonholes. In fact, there is a trend which has caught up where all the male members of the groom’s family wear a single style of buttonhole made out of fresh flowers, thus bringing together the entire wedding party. Similarly, even the males from the bride’s side can opt to do the same, and choose another design, style or colour of the buttonhole made of fresh flowers for their side of the family. Therefore, if you wish to know if a particular male guest is from the bride’s side or the groom’s side, all you have to do is look at his buttonhole. 

Hair Decorations

While many brides opt for either veils or expensive jewellery pieces for styling up their hair, some of the brides like to decorate their hair with fresh flowers. There are delicate crowns made out of flowers which are available in the markets, which the bride can wear around her head. Besides these crowns, the fresh flowers can be used in many different ways to decorate the hair of the bride and make her look like a princess. 

Make The Cake Look Tastier

Wedding cakes are generally pure white in colour and the cake bakers then use colored sugar figures to decorate the cakes. However, many people do not like the taste of these sugar figures and therefore, want the bakers to use some other forms of decoration on their cakes. The bakers have started to use fresh flowers as decoration for their cakes. However, it is important that the baker ensures that the flower that he or she picks for decorating the cake is not harmful if eaten. 


This is one of the oldest and the most common, yet popular use of fresh flowers during weddings. The fresh flowers are clustered together to form small, yet appealing centrepieces, which are placed on each and every table of the guest and which help in adding colour and aroma to the entire wedding venue. 

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