Bold Colors for Bridal Jewelry Season 

Bold Colors for Bridal Jewelry Season

Traditionally, it was seen that the brides preferred to wear jewelry on their wedding day, which would blend in with their wedding dress. It was not considered to be fashionable if the jewelry worn by the brides would stand out and look bolder and more noticeable than the wedding dress of the bride. However, of late, the fashion trends with respect to bridal jewelry have undergone some huge changes and now-a-days, brides prefer to opt for more bright jewelry, which would make an impression of its own. 

Carrying off this new fashion of wearing bold colors in jewelry is, however, not something which all brides can manage to do with confidence. Therefore, depending on personal styles, a bride should choose whether she wants to go in for the latest fashion jewelry or settle for something more somber and traditional. If, you do choose to opt for bridal colors in your jewelry, then below are a few latest designs of necklaces, which you must consider:

Go For Something Blue

Wearing of something blue during a wedding ceremony is considered to be auspicious in some religions and blue itself is pretty royal colors. If you decide to go in for blue colored jewelry, then you must consider the glass bead necklace for yourself. This graceful necklace, tied with a blue satin looks like a perfect accessory for all for indo-western dresses. 

Go Green 

Flowers, petals and leaf designs have always been a part out traditional jewelry designs as well. However, the jewelry designers, these days, are giving a new twist to these patterns and presenting flower designs in a very modern and chic way. Wearing a pure gold big rose around your neck as you walk down the aisle will surely catch the attention of everyone present at your wedding party.
Beach Bride

The concept of theme weddings has caught on quite significantly and one of the most loved themes is a beach wedding. If you are also using this theme for your wedding, then you must go in for the necklaces which is made of various colored stones and has a small starfish as the centerpiece. Even if the concept is not that of a beach party, still for a day function, this necklace can look quite amazing. 

Bright and Bold

These necklaces have bold patterns and big stones of bright colors are used to make those patterns. These bright and bold necklaces are able to immediately catch the attention of the onlookers and mesmerize them. 

While these bright and bold necklaces do manage to give you and your bridal appearance a very special and different look, but the biggest disadvantage of wearing these necklaces is that they are immediately noticed by everyone and since their designs and patterns are quite unique, hence everyone remembers them; this makes it difficult to repeat their use. On the other hand, since these bright colored neckpieces make use of more colored stones than diamonds and gold, therefore, their price works out to be much lesser than that of traditional bridal jewelry. Depending on your style and taste, a bride must choose her jewelry for her wedding day. 


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