Bollywood Inspired Engagement Hairstyle ideas 

Bollywood Inspired Engagement Hairstyle ideas

During pre bridal celebration, the brides usually go fancy free and can let their hairs loose free. The engagement ceremony accompanies the cute hairdos to make your first pre wedding celebration remember worthy. There seems a blur line between traditional and the modern. Celebrities usually bend backwards to outdo their individual style during every award season.  Fewer of stunning red carpet hairstyle sightings that make for amazing updos for your engagement is given here- 

1. Side sweep – extremely towards one side

The simple side sweep hairdo, is astoundingly simple, yet makes an impression. This is flirtatious and fun. The side sweep when sprayed with shine highlights em waves…

2. Simple twisty sides- the loose curls down the hairs on the shoulders appear soft and natural with a non side twist...The hairs when divided and dropped down from both sides appear gorgeous but there should be twist in the hairs.

3. Bun like- the braided one-

This one hairdo, that is braided bun, is the one which is always marvelous, as it can keep the hair in place and tamed. It’s actually regal and fuss free...bollywood actresses can be seen doing this hairdo..

4. Pouf- plait- 

If you wear embroidered kurta, like as embellished one with palazzos or a floral ghaghra choli, the pouf plait hair style works well with the western outfits as well. 

5. Side bun with plaits- 

There can be numerous ways to opt for the side bun, as it lends most Grecian touch...Has the capability to immediately elevate any outfit you opt for... Cutesy plaits are the most popular one..

6. The Glittery Hair Accessories with Vintage Curls

When you choose illuminated or glittery hair accessories, then curls appear extra gorgeous...Hair clip enhance the appearance...

7. Pony- simply sweet- 

Here’s a versatile hairstyle that’s sure to work on almost any outfit you choose for your Mehendi! Easy-peasy with just a hint of romantic, this hairstyle makes for a welcome change.

Not the usual aunty bun, but on with oodles of character and style!

8. Open hair with mathapatti- 

This style gives goddess like appearance. The open curly hairs...With the matha Patti...


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