Bomboniere Boxes for Western Styled Indian Weddings 

Bomboniere Boxes for Western Styled Indian Weddings

The giving of party favours or wedding favours are way old traditions in European countries. Favour boxes are allowed to be given by bride and groom for the family members and friends as a gift token for celebrating their special day with them. The traditional offering of favour boxes include 5 sugary almonds which are tied with net and ribbons and decorated with flowers. Today these wedding favours are popular using DIYs which are available relatively at low cost. Nowadays these western styles of wedding favours and party favours are followed by Indian weddings where most of the couples like to make the party favours which match their wedding theme. Some people offer unique favour boxes or organza bags with variety of colours, they are included with Swiss made heart shaped chocolates, sweets, candy’s etc. which are perfect as wedding favours.

Choosing the right favour box supplier

The perfect Bomboniere is a combination of the item presented and the packaging. The box in which the gift is packed provides a luxury or chic feeling to the guest receiving it. Favour boxes make an important constituent to prepare the memorable gift. Identifying genuine favour boxes manufacturers or favour boxes suppliers should be careful since these are not easily available items in all markets. Internet is a very good source for identifying the right type of favour boxes manufacturer. Web sites like or can provide a vast number of sources.

The right favour box type

The correct favour box depends on the type of Bomboniere to be given. The packaging item can be –

  • Net bag with tightening strings

  • Hard box with glittering colours

  • Organza hand bags to keep valuable items inside

  • Plastic/Glass bottles to keep loose tea, candies etc.

  • Test tubes to keep small marbles or chocolates
There are many favouring boxes suppliers and favour boxes exporters available who can supply a vast range of choices for any type of occasion and tastes.

Choosing the favour packing type

The presentation of the favour is considered as important as the item inside. So, choosing the right type and colour is very important. A popular choice is organza bags which come in various sizes and colours like pink, red, burgundy, purple, cream, gold, silver etc. They come in either satin or velvet material finish. Some other popular choices are –

  • Metallic colour favour boxes with top opening

  • Printed ribbon favour box with top opening

  • Silver glitter box with ribbon as opening

  • Pink colour heart prints as 2 pieces – top and bottom

  • Shiny pink or gold coloured boxes with ribbon around the box

  • Dome shaped or tall favour boxes in any shiny colour

  • Gift set with partitions to keep 2-3 items inside the box

There are many favour box producers who manufacture such different options of boxes, in different colours and options to customize too.

Another popular choice is to gift Attar/Scent bottles in customized little bottles which are designer in look and very colourful. The items can be made special with a Thank You message on the favour box. Also the marriage details like couple’s names and date of marriage shall ensure the guest retains the item for a long time to cherish the event.


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