Bomboniere Candles, As a Unique Gift 

Bomboniere Candles, As a Unique Gift

Bomboniere candles are perfect wedding favours that all guests will love. Brighten up your special day with this special handmade and crafted scented soy candles with wooden wick which are perfect gifts for your wedding. Wedding bombonieres are available as different gift options like bomboniere candles, bomboniere boxes etc. Elegant bombonieres candles are available in many of the online sites, you can choose according to your preference. Different types and varieties of wedding bomboniere candles are available for different types of occasions like bridal party candles, wedding favours candles etc. Elegant personalised candles are also available where you can select your own shape for candles and your choice of scent and phrase can be chosen. 

Different styles of bomboniere candles available 

Wedding bomboniere candles for wedding favour are available in various choice options –

  • Tea light candles are the thanks giving candles for joining the special day with the couple. These tea light candles are also floatable candles and also can use as table setting candles. These tea light candle are available as large tea light candles which are also perfect gift options as wedding favours

  • Votive candles come with perfect gift option as wedding favours for your guests. They are beautifully scented and you can even personalise the theme of these candles in your wedding themes which would be the preferred option as wedding favour for the D-day

  • French styled candles are jar candles. These elegant candles are bound to impress your guests. You can personalise these candles to suit your wedding theme. These candles are available in different size options as well to suit your personal choice

  • Tin style candles are perfect gift options as a bomboniere candles which can be personalised as your wedding theme or personalised swing tags are fitted with ribbon to complete the tin candle

Unique Fragrances for the special wedding favour

  • Apart from the candle options and packing options, the candle fragrances make them so special that the guest can have a long lasting memory of the wedding favour given. A list of special fragrances are –

  • Antique Sandalwood
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Cedarwood
  • Amber – Egyptian and regular
  • French Pear
  • Green Fig
  • Green tea and Lemongrass
  • Hyacinth and aloe vera
  • Lavender verbena
  • Lemon Kiwi
  • Lilac breeze
  • Lychee scented
  • Fruity flavours like mango, papaya, cherry, strawberry, orange & cinnamon, pomegranate and mango, grape fruit
  • Jasmine scented
  • Vanilla
  • Tangerine

These listed choices are the popular ones used for scented candles used for wedding bomboniere.

Personalized bomboniere candle offerings

Personalizing the candles is another popular choice for the hosts. The candles can be wrapped in lace and have a ribbon with the special note like a thank you or the wedding details. Another option for customizing the candle is to have some detail embossed on the candle. Whilst this option can be time consuming to prepare, handmade candles with such embossed message can leave a long lasting impression in the minds of the guests.

The choice of personalized wedding bombonieres is increasing since the marginal cost of such items is affordable.


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