Brazilian Waxing - More Intimate Way of Cleaning the Hairs at OMG, You Must Know 

Brazilian Waxing - More Intimate Way of Cleaning the Hairs at OMG, You Must Know

The process of getting waxed before your wedding is not the new. Every bride goes for this grooming process too appears hairless in the sleeveless or in the bikinis. Are you planning for some ultimate kind of the grooming done?
The things are hard to open up with anyone, except with the friends or sister. The habit of having your wax done before wedding, in routine is seen with large number of the people. Whereas, the area I am talking about is the secret one, you might not have planned grooming till date, but being the bride, you should start thinking about your first night, honeymoon and all the hot lingerie you have bought! Tolerating so much of the pain, for what?? For the worthy effects of its.

Most of the brides might already be in the habit of trimming or shaving of the intimate areas. There are some other options too available-

1. Bikini waxing- is quite similar to the get the eyebrows done. Giving the hair a trim and sort of shape and boundary so that it doesn’t stay out of the bikini line.

2. Brazilian waxing- is more similar to get your underarms done. It leads to the removal of all the hairs that are visible on the outside.

3. Hollywood style waxing is more or less similar like Brazilian waxing, but the hair is waxed off from the front till the back.

4. French waxing- is utilized only when the frontal bikini area is waxed – not the back area.

5. Laser hair reduction- this is obviously the advanced stuff which pertains removal of the hairs through the laser.

Positive aspects of Brazilian waxing- 

1. After getting it done, you start feeling like baby-so smooth and cute one.

2. it’s obviously much better than the process of trimming or the shaving.

3. It can in most cases, waxing can get rid of or lighten the black or grey stubble in the intimate area, which means it starts looking better too!

4.  Certain acts under the sheet are more pleasured with this kind of the waxing.

5. Shaving leads to earlier growth of the hairs. Whereas, the waxing is an advanced option as it takes longer to grow back, you get relatively longer hair free time.

6. After going through the Brazilian waxing the hairs may go for thinner and finer texture, the curls in the hairs are removed by this process. 

7. The process is executed by someone else and you just have to lie down.

Darker side of the Brazilian waxing-

1. The major adverse effect includes, that for getting the waxing done, you have to get your hairs increased for about 1/4th of the inches. Otherwise the strip would not catch the hair.

2. There is stronger possibility of catching an infection in the hair follicles after waxing if the hairs don’t get pulled off properly.

3. The hairs might take longer to grow back compared to shaving but onwards, you would have that prickly hairs growing straight and might be a bit uncomfy.

4. Brazilian wax is not pocket friendly, it’s actually quite costly, in addition you must have proper place for it also.
Precautions for Brazilian waxing- 

The major aspect of sensitivity leads to the rashes and other hypersensitivity problems. You are strongly advised not to do it immediately before wedding. Three months before is ok, otherwise.

Do not get it done during your period, right before it or a week after it because the area will still be sensitive. Try to relax. A lot of time the pain becomes worse because of being self-conscious, scared or awkward. I’ve cranked up the music on my phone and just hoped that would soothe it. 

What are your opinions about the Brazilian wax??    let us know about this, dear brides…


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