Breathtaking Mang Tikka Styles That You Can Steal from Gorgeous Indian Brides 

Breathtaking Mang Tikka Styles That You Can Steal from Gorgeous Indian Brides

Jewelry is a very important part of every bride‚Äôs wedding dress. Without proper bridal jewelry, no bride feels complete. From necklaces, to toe rings, there are many big and small pieces of jewelry which go into making a complete bridal jewelry set. Mang Tikka is one such jewelry item, which goes into completing the solah shringar of a typical Indian bride. These mang tikkas fall on the foreheads of the brides and is, therefore, quite clearly visible to everyone and hence forms a very important part of the overall look of the bride. The brides take a lot of pain in finding a stylish mang tikka for themselves, which would add elegance to their overall looks. 

Some of the most popular and gorgeous designs of mang tikkas, which brides usually wear on their wedding day, have been discussed below:

Over-Sized Mang Tikka

From choosing a floral to a circular pattern, a bride who wishes to go in for a bold look on her wedding day, can always opt for an over-sized mang tikka. These big mang tikkas, help in giving the bride a distinct look on her most special day. However, for brides, who are not very confident about being able to carry off this bold look, it is better that they opt for the more regular sized mang tikkas only. 

Small Pendant Style

These pendant styled mang tikkas give a traditional as well as a classy look. These mang tikkas are the most popular choice of most of the brides. The designs of these mang tikkas are usually very conservative, yet they manage to give the brides a special and fashionable look on their wedding day. 

Jhoomar Or Passa

This style of mang tikkas is a part of the traditional wedding attire of the Muslim brides. Instead of being in the center of the forehead, these mang tikkas fall on the left side of the forehead. These mang tikkas are a complete accessory in themselves, but now-a-days, many brides opt to wear a separate mang tikka in the center of the forehead along with a Jhoomar or Passa. Besides the Muslim brides, these mang tikkas have managed to capture the imagination of brides of other religions as well and now you can see brides at Hindu weddings also opting for this style of mang tikka. 

One Tier Matha Pattis

Matha Patti is one style of mang tikka, which has ruled the world of mang tikkas for a very long time. In addition to the central piece, this style of mang tikka has additional layers on the sides. This style of mang tikka usually looks good on brides who have a round face. However, these mang tikkas are extremely sleek in their design and the brides have to be careful about keeping them in place. 

Multi-Tier Matha Patti

This style of mang tikka is same as that of one tier mang tikka, with the only difference that instead of having just one chain on either side of the mang tikka, these multi-tier matha pattis have multiple chains on the either side of the forehead.  


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