Bridal Beauty Countdown Before 3-4 Months of the Wedding 

Bridal Beauty Countdown Before 3-4 Months of the Wedding

Once you finish up with the skin and hair treatments and the diet schedules or the health and exercise, it is the time to go for bookings and fixing up of all the appointments. At least before three months, you must start bookings of hair stylist, makeup artists and so on. You must stay organized and pen down everything in a personal calendar or planner. 

Let’s ponder upon these gleeful ideas-

1. First and foremost, start making appointment with the hair stylists. Scrutinize potential candidates with name and fame. 

2. Start collecting or watching on the internet, the favorite of your’s hair styles, so that you can discuss with the stylist on meeting.

3.  Similarly, go for selection procedure of the veil and headpiece too. The hair accessories selection would all rely upon the first two steps mentioned.

4. In case, you have crush upon the hairs in an updos, then you must discuss and ask about the timings required to grow your hairs that how long it would gonna take to settle.

5. Next, decide finally a makeup artist so that you can have firm booking for your wedding. Discuss schedule with him/her too.

6. Similarly, finalize a hairdresser for your wedding and set up a schedule with him/her.

7. Do you want to experiment with self-tanners? Now's the time. Consider the neckline of your gown, and whether you have existing tan lines you'll need to cover.

With all these efforts, make sure that you don’t look like wearing a mask…!!!!


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