Bridal Beauty Preparation a Month To Month Checklist till the Day of Marriage  

Bridal Beauty Preparation a Month To Month Checklist till the Day of Marriage

The wedding being once is lifetime affair, requires a lot of planning and execution of that plan. The wedding planning can’t be left solely on wedding planners; you need to take care of many other things like dress fittings, deciding floral arrangements, selecting shoes and many other things that may not be accumulated on writing here. But, at all costs, you need to give the exceptional beauty to your lovely bride. It is possible only when you work in a planned and phased manner. Here are a few tips that would help you in gaining the extra ordinary beauty to your bride. 

Consulting a Dermatologist

It you or your beauty queen has some skin problems like acne, uneven pigmentation etc., you may visit a dermatologist four to six month before the wedding. You may need to take some medicines or take some extra precautions to make your skin better and shining on the day of wedding when all the eyes will be glued to you.  

Concentrate on Brows

The eye brows are important feature of face and look. So, you can suggest your bride to concentrate and take any treatment to give them a natural and full look. The waxing or other treatment may be given to the eye brows as per the suggestion of beauty expert at least three month before the marriage day. You may have seen the brides in Hindi having stylish eye brows for stealing heart look.  
Mastering the Self-Tanning 

Two months before weddings, the brides as well as bridesmaids may start and master the act of self-tanning. This would be done to make the skin, limbs and complexion golden. This act of taking care should continue on regular basis till the date of marriage. Be sure, all will be surprised to find an extremely new look. This is not too hard or difficult to achieve. It is done by exercising, drinking loads of water, getting well-balanced diet and adequate sleep. In addition, the use of extra sun protection, applications of moisturiser on face and body helps a lot. 

Hair Dressing

The bridal hair is easily captured by wedding cameras. So, the hair can’t be left unattended. This work may be done one to two week prior to the date of wedding. 

Waxing and Facial 

Before three days of your marriage, you may get your skin waxed to make it smooth. But, before applying wax on the whole body, it is necessary to conduct some test and be sure that it is not going to harm your body and skin in any manner. Further, application of calming cream on the skin after waxing is necessary in order to avoid swelling or redness. 

You may get the facial done two days before the wedding day. The hands and feet can also be taken care of by using the techniques of manicure or pedicure so that the maid of honour is left with no comparison to anyone. 

On the wedding day, a hydrating serum may be applied on face, neck etc. to enhance the glow of the bride. Having all these done, your bride is extremely beautiful on wedding day. 


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