Bridal Hairs Extensions 

Bridal Hairs Extensions

All the myths about the hair extensions like, these are to be utilized only in the case of small hairs or for the women with limb or barely- there hair are unveiled at weddingdoers. These extensions are now seen as an added investment where these real looking hair clips are becoming easy to clip on. You can now have the hairs of your dreams with minimal efforts.  These hair extensions actually add much charm and volume to your look and it has become more and more easier now a days.

Now the hair extensions are the modern and the real way to add the volume to the small hairs. 

The major difference among the synthetic and the real hair lies in the fact that these real hairs can be dyes, permed and straightened. Whereas the synthetic hairs cannot undergo these phenomenon. 

Types of hair extensions available- 

1. Cuticle remy hair- 

These hairs are used to add length or fullness to the existing hair on the scalp and are shaved off a donor’s head. The entire cuticle remains intact in one direction only. After treating for hygiene, it is converted into extension. To have uniformity in styling, colour and longevity, it’s very important that the entire cuticle must be in the same direction.

2. Non-remy hair-

These hairs are not shaved or hygienically treated to be in one direction with the cuticle, rather these hairs are taken from the sources like as Barbour shops. The mix of hair causes styling problems and tangling. Their life span is even shorter than the remy hairs.

3. Remy hairs-

These are actually the acid bathed hairs. With the help of acid, all the cuticle is removed and the hair extensions are not usually not good quality as the acid wash leaves the set looking shiny and temporarily with a short life span. It cannot take to colouring well, as it has no cuticles to deposit colour or maintain health of the hair.

4. Synthetic hairs- 

These hairs are the having the luring features as these are very cheap and appear fabulous. To make them, a mixture of heat resistant fibers and animal hairs are mixed together. This type of hair burns easily, and cannot be colored.


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