Bridal Jewellery Basics - Kundan, Polka and Jadau etc. 

Bridal Jewellery Basics - Kundan, Polka and Jadau etc.

Besides diamond, there are some other kind of jewellery to which is also used for making the bridal jewellery. Due to the gloss, along with the elegant appearance, these jewelleries have become an important part of the bridal jewellery resigm.

Let’s ponder into these jewelleries-

1. Kundan- you must have seen kundan jewellery, which seems like as the colored glass work, and the jewelers cut the glass and set it in gold with meenakari (colorful lac) on the back. There is a close resemblance of the kundan along with polka, but the kundan has less shine and the price too is quite less. These kundan sets are seen to be set in gold, silver or some other kind of the artificial metals.

2. Polki- the overall appearance between these two – kundan and polki is nearly same except the overall gloss and shine of kundan is less, polki shines more. Polki is uncut, raw diamonds. The engagement rings do contain these pretty bubbles of polki. Polki looks like the raw diamond. The uncut diamond seems like polki. It also has more depth of character than kundan.

3. Jadau- when the kundan, polki and meenakari are engraved with gold foil, the technique so obtained is called jadau. The kundan and polki are stones, whereas, jadau is a technique. 
4. Diamond- the best stones to make girls feel at heaven. The cost is tremendously more. Diamonds are called as girl’s best friend too. 

5. Meenakari- Meenakari Jewellery is essentially filling gold frames with colored Lac or Meena in different patterns. When you see a lot of color on a jewellery, that colored enamel is called Meenakari and while you will find this at the back of your polki set.

6. Gold Jewellery: As the name suggests these refer to sets made out of mostly just gold with engraved motifs and carvings. Sometimes precious stones like rubies and emeralds can be engraved in them.


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