Bridal Jewellery Resale Value and to Care Them Tips 

Bridal Jewellery Resale Value and to Care Them Tips

As we previously discussed about the kinds of the jewelleries, which are utilized by the people now- a- days more. Polki /kundan contain less of gold, as the same is utilized to make the frame. (Which is filled with lac inside), however, sometimes the gold is placed at the back which increases its price. It’s always important to ask questions such as “What is the gold grammage on the set “or “How much percentage of the cost is gold cost”- especially if you look at jewellery from an investment perspective.

The bangles have maximum resale value compared to the other pieces as there is minimal modification of the natural metal in bangles. The metal is melted and joined. If we compare the resale o sets and earrings, then these have lowest resale value.

Caring for your jewellery…

For Polki and Kundan sets: 

Take special precaution of not letting them in contact with the moisture, as there are the chances of these jewelleries to lose the shine over time after absorbing the moisture. The only best possible way is to wrap them in either butter paper or cotton and put them in airtight containers so that they remain cool and keep them at the dry place without exposure to moisture.

For Diamonds: 

Strictly avoid jumbling of diamonds as they get stretched when kept together in a bag. So make sure to keep them apart. In addition, if you worry about the shine and overall cleaning, soak them in mug of water, previously added with the detergent powder for few hours and shake well. after that, just wipe them with muslin cloth  to get the ever refreshing and newer glossy look of that.

For Gold: Keep it wrapped in soft cloth or velvet boxes with each piece separately. You can clean it in a similar way as mentioned for diamonds above, but keep them far from products containing chlorine or cleansers containing chlorine.


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