Bridal Jewelry for Summer Season 

Bridal Jewelry for Summer Season

The summer season is considered to be the best season for the wedding functions. Not only is the weather perfect, but also it is the season when there are numerous bright flowers all around and everything has a happy and a nice feel to it. Weddings held during the winter and the rainy seasons, tend to be a more closed and dull affair. During the winter, everyone wants to be wrapped in clothes and therefore, are not able to wear their best and most fashionable dresses. But summers, they give you the freedom to wear whatever you may want to wear. 

Match Your Jewelry to Your Dress

A bride needs to look perfect on her wedding day. Everything about her, be it her hair style, her clothes or her accessories, everything needs to be perfect. Towards this end, the first job of the bride is to find an amazing wedding dress for herself and once she has got hold of a great dress, she needs to accessorize the same with the most perfect and best jewelry. Finding the right jewelry to compliment the dress can be a difficult task. Besides taking into account the fact that the jewelry should match the dress, there are many other factors as well, which too need to be considered, like the design of the jewelry itself, etc. The season or the time of the wedding also has an impact on the choice of jewelry, just like they impact the choice of clothes. 

A summer wedding allows the brides to go bolder about not just their choice in clothes, but also about their selection of bridal jewelry as well. 

Experiment with Colors

These days there is a lot of fashionable jewelry present in the market, which consist of many bright colors. The wearing of these bright colors does not look good in the dark and gloomy winter season, but when worn during the summers, these colors add a sparkle to the outfit on which they are worn. A summer wedding gives the bride the option to choose this bright colored jewelry as an accompaniment for their bridal dresses. 

Go Big

The bridal dresses made for the summer season tend to have deep necks and backs and are generally sleeveless or short sleeves. This gives the brides a chance to opt for jewelry which is bigger in size and can cover her entire deep neck and in the case of hand jewelry as well, they can opt for big bangles or bracelets. In the winter season, since the dresses tend to be more conservative, they leave hardly any space for the jewelry and therefore the brides have no option but to opt for smaller jewelry pieces. The necklaces which fit perfectly to the neckline of the dresses look the prettiest. When the same start to overlap the neckline of the dress, the necklace loses its grace. Therefore, opting for bigger necklaces is possible with deep necklines only. 

Thus, it is clear that from a fashion point of view at least, summer weddings are the best option. 


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