Bridal outfit colors and photographs- the impacts of real and pastel colors 

Bridal outfit colors and photographs- the impacts of real and pastel colors

Generally, the traditional moms are always about same colors for the bride, like as red, orange or pink. But now – a- days. It has been observed that even if you frolic about your town to find that perfect bridal outfit, the real choice of the bridal outfit lies with the designer of the dresses. It’s actually not bad to have the words from the horse’s mouth (the designers, sorry to say horses). So you need to keep in mind the following before you sell your kidney for perfect and gorgeous dress of your own. 

So, what’s the deal with colors? Is it true that certain colors photograph better than other??? The answer is of course a big yes. As, the bright colors appear dashing and attractive than the light or white colors, purely groom the vibrancy point of view. The white or pastels are not the actual colors, from the coolers point of view. Some communities have the traditions of wearing the white though. The dark colors are more saturated, rich and vibrant and specifically, the red, orange, pinks, pumpkins, blue, greens are really amazing colures to work with.

So how does one should go about choosing a color? What should a bride keep in mind?

The answers of this question are given in the points below-

1. Ideally, one colour should dominate the outfit rather than being a riot of various bright colures.

2. the most important point to be remember is related to wedding theme and the outfit colour of the bride.  There is big no- no to the brides outfit and the décor colour being the same. Otherwise, she would just blend in. and the photographs would not have any beauty and clarity. But having lighter, muted versions of related colors is always complimentary. E.g. if she is wearing a rich red and gold lehenga, then good colors to work with would be pale mithai yellow, peach, pastel orange or coral. Maybe some of the small detailing can be in bright red, but not the bulk of the drapes or flowers.

3. Loud, bright colors are always better in small flashes and accents.

Another point relates whether the wedding is in morning or in the evening? The natural shade of light and the artificial light- 

The light has significant impact on the photographs. The natural light, whose replica cannot be produced and almost any kind of the light be stimulated in the photography studio. However, during an indoor, night wedding, flash or artificial light usage is unavoidable in many cases.  If lights are used well, the effect can still be very good but not as good as an outdoor, natural light situation (not the harsh afternoon sun though. That would cause harsh shadows on everybody’s face.

What’s your take on the whole bride and groom matchy-matchy trend?

The colour similarity in the outfits of the bride and groom is big no. and even the colour blends are strictly prohibited. The bride and groom must stand in their unique style and individuality and must not blend with each other. But, the complimentary clothing is indeed a good idea. For an instance, the embroidery, or the detailing on the groom’s outfit can be similar as the bride’s outfit. . Or, as another example, if the bride’s outfit is pink with blue detailing, the groom can wear a dark blue outfit. But there should be some sort of line between feminine and masculine colors and both must not be dressed in the same, bright and vibrant colour.


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