Bridal Pre Wedding Beauty Countdown Before Six Months 

Bridal Pre Wedding Beauty Countdown Before Six Months

The average engagement is just over a year. An average bride actually gets plenty of the time to have the best version of her, before walking down the aisle. While juggling all your wedding to do-s, all your plans for bridal make up can be executed. From the bigger ones to get the laser skin treatments or less like just to get your nails and hairs in order with little bit of tonning. The fool proof schedule would keep your wedding makeup and beauty schedule up to date to be on the track in the wedding month or even before.

We have devised rather mapped out all your pre bridal beauty ritual to ensure stress free wedding while walking down the aisle. 

5-6 Months before Your Wedding

1. As you have got six months to get marry, talk to your hair stylist and start experimenting now.  You can start stress free relief regimen. 

For instance, if you are going from brunette to platinum blonde, this is the appropriate time to go with. All hair experimentation or modifications must start at this time to avoid any non-reversible damages.

2. You must spare one night, at least in a week, for non-wedding fun or with the family and friends.

3. The skin care, as it takes time, can be the best restart for personal cleansing and moisturizing program for supple wedding day skin. Try fixing appointments earliest for the facials and consult dermatologists for skin colour, tone or other relevant problems. 

4. If you want to shed a few pounds, before slipping into your lace Vera Wang, ponder upon your eating habits, don’t seriously deprive off the good eating habits, and incorporate more of whole grains, as well as veggies and fruits.

In addition, develop a routine, six months before the big day to ensure healthy way to lose, maintain your goal.

5. As previously mentioned, its mandatory to think about the weight loose program too. You are supposed to think the way you appear fit in your wedding, neither too lean, nor extremely healthy. Devise an effective weight lose program after consulting a physician. Moreover, few sessions with the trainer may help to jump start your routine. The yoga, meditation and the postures build great strength while relieving stress and tensions too.


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