Bridal Shoe Colors and Styles 

Bridal Shoe Colors and Styles

Everything about the bride needs to be perfect on her wedding day. From her wedding dress to her jewelry, everything needs to be flawless. The bridal wedding shoes are an important part of the accessories that a bride needs on her wedding day and just like everything else, even these shoes need to be of perfect colors and styles, so that they are able to compliment the looks of the bride and make her appear divine on the most special day of her life.  

Bridal Shoe Colors

Gone are the days when the wedding dress of the bride could be of white color only. As a result of this restriction on the color of the dress of the bride, the colors of her bridal shoes was also restricted to white, off-white or silver. However, now that the bride are experimenting with new styles and colors for their bridal wedding dress, this gives them the chance to experiment with the colors and styles of their wedding shoes as well. At the end of the day, it is important that the color of the shoe should be such that it goes well with the wedding dress. Thus, the first thing that a bride needs to do in order to finalize her bridal shoes, is to first finalize on her wedding dress, and then based on the colors and style of the dress, the color and style of the bridal shoe should be selected.

Various Bridal Styles Present In the Market

There are numerous different shoe styles that are available in the market for the brides these days. Some of the most sought after bridal shoe styles have been discussed below:


These shoes are simple and elegant in their designs. They are always white or ivory in color. The heels of these shoes would be either medium or low and the material used for their making would be either satin, silk, textured cotton or leather. 


From blue to crimson to gold or silver, these shoes can be of any color which compliments their wedding dress perfectly. The designs of these shoes are also modern and can, therefore, incorporate straps or have various modern shapes and pattern made all over them. The options in heels also vary from low to medium to high. 


For a bride who is looking for shoes that will add glamour to her overall look, there are shoes present in the market which have a lot of sparkle and glitz attached to them. Flashy, decorative items like sequins, diamonds, glitter, etc. are used on these shoes in order to give them a glamorous look. These shoes look like they are straight out of some fairy tale book and many brides are opting for these shoes now-a-days. 

Ballet Flats

If the bride wants to stay comfortable during her wedding, so that she is able to enjoy herself more, and yet does not want her feminine look to get compromised, then ballet flats are the best choice for these brides. The look of these shoes can vary from modern and glamorous to traditional, depending on the preference of the bride. 


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