Bridal Shopping When Should You Start Shopping for Your Wedding Outfit? Extremely Useful Piece of Information 

Bridal Shopping When Should You Start Shopping for Your Wedding Outfit? Extremely Useful Piece of Information

The brides have to shop prior to months of the wedding. The posts on the pinterest and the dreams that gather require the execution of the shopping plans. Even if the date is set to have the year away, you wanna convert all the pins into reality. The question arises- when should you start hunting for your dream outfit?

1.  Start surveying six month prior to the wedding-    

Well, the bridal trends don’t get changed much over the months. The best way to utilize the time is to go for scrutinizing the market. That would provide you the head start that you require. Besides, the things that you love something can be purchased earlier. 

2. Know the designer timings, which of them take longer- 

The facts like as the time taken by designer must take into the priory consideration. Like as, sabyasachi takes 2-3 months minimum to prepare one outfit. Some other popularly known designer they take around 5 weeks at the minimum. Many of them take 2 months as well. You need to do proper research at the stores.

3. Avoid post purchase dilemma- by avoiding shopping six months before-

Sometimes, the things you purchased little earlier would create a dilemma if, some other outfit comes in the way with more elegance and appearance. In that case, always avoid shopping six months prior and avoid that post purchase dissonance.

4. Buying jewelry or lehenga earlier?

This is actually the other way round. The brides, who prefer shopping for lehenga earlier, might be trying to have the jewelry, matching with their wedding outfit. But the jewelry is gonna cost you more than lehenga and its going to be the timeless and treasured thing. You want to make sure you spend all the money on something you will love forever, versus compromising on it to match an outfit that you will probably wear only once or twice in life. A neat hack is to tell the jeweler not to attach the little beads at the end of the necklace. You can eventually attach those in the colour of your choice once you buy your lehenga.

5.  Once you have seen three places you should have found it-

The tendency to see more never stops and the bride always want to have the best outfit. You are strongly suggested to go to the top most designers, or the big popular stores, trust us, you will have seen everything that Delhi has to offer you and going to more will just make you see more of the same stuff.

6. Peak season wedding- matters a lot-

It matters a lot to have the wedding during the peak seasons. There become more chances of shops having chock-a-block with bridal orders and your trial dates are going to get even more delayed. You need to head start your shopping 4 months prior to that.

7. Take a swatch of the fabric when you order your lehenga

There will be a ton of things you may want to match to your lehenga. A waist belt maybe? Your fiancé’s sherwani? Some bridal accessory like your choora or fancy kaleere. Your swatch will ensure you don’t lose time waiting for your lehenga to come and then buy all of this.


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