Brides, Flaunt Your Style with Exquisite Velvet Lehenga Choli 

Brides, Flaunt Your Style with Exquisite Velvet Lehenga Choli

The lehenga for weddings or there related celebrations do require the knowledge of the basic kind of fabrics, which would help the bride to analyze the kind of fabric that suits well, in addition the design that would be perfect for the steal worthy appearance. The custom made designs require the knowledge of popular fabrics like as velvet, raw silk, georgette etc. there are some special pros and extra features of using some special kind of the fabric. Let’s shed some light on which of these fabrics have that qualities to get them prepare for the same.

Velvet lehenga- 

1. The velvet, as the fabric itself depicts luxurious shine and has the strong tendency to appear rich and royal. Regardless of the embroidery work, less or more, it lures due to its shine and the unique quality of the cloth.

2. The myth, regarding the weight of velvet has entirely been solved with the availability of the incredibly lightweight velvet, called as LYCRA VELVET, rather than that little bulky- Shaneel in Hindi. It’s actually light weight manufactured fabric providing the appearance of the velvet.

3. Use imported velvet, and not so called shanil if you are little bulky too. These imported stuffs don’t make you appear fatty. 

4. The royal charm is exuded on selecting the right kind of velvet, which otherwise could be tacky if the velvet is of spurious quality.     


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